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Mystery Dolls??

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Can you help us find our roots?

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There are some dolls that, no matter how many doll books I flip through, I still cannot find any information about them.  I'm stumped!  Maybe someone out there knows exactly who these darlings are.  This page was designed to share this information with all.  I will add to this list as necessary.  Any information I receive will be posted next to the doll.  The newer listings will be at the top.  
Perhaps you have a doll that is stumping you.  You can e-mail me a photo and description and I will post it here as well.  Let's cross our fingers!

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Some of the dolls do not have a picture along with them because the owner is only recalling them from memory.  If you can help to identify any of these dolls, please email me, and be sure to PLEASE refer to the doll owner's name, so that I know which doll you are talking about, and I will pass the information on to the owner:

Please refer to Felice's doll:mailboxmove.gif (15184 bytes)


A toddler type doll that sang the ABC's & 123's.  She was marketed in the mid-90s.  She wore a pink onesie with the letters a-b-c and numbers 1-2-3 all over it.  Her lips would move when she talked and you had to kiss her forehead or her lips to get her to talk.  She had long blond hair.  Any suggestions?
FOUND:  This is Baby Loves To Talk by ToyBiz, 1992
Please refer to Kathleen's doll:
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Later 90s (probably 98-99).  Doll was about 16-18" tall.  Unique feature is that it's eyes would flutter (may have used batteries).  The doll may have been themed with butterflies (hence the fluttering eyes).  Kathleen remembers her wearing a purple dress.  She was African American but may have been sold as a Caucasian also.  Sound familiar?

Please refer to Christi's doll:

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Mid to late 80s, early 90s. Doll had a crown on her head.  The crown would light up and  spin a design around on the ceiling.  Looked like a princess.  It was not PJ Sparkles, but was out around the same time.  Any ideas?
FOUND:  Doll's name is Starbrite Sparkles

Maker:  Unknown
Marks:  CHINA on back of neck
Size:  8"
Year:  Unknown (60s, 70s, 80s?)
Description:  Small doll with growing hair capabilities.  Has a dial type knob on back to make ponytail grow similar to Ideal Crissy type dolls but this is much smaller.  Painted on panties and shoes. 
FOUND: several viewers have written to share that this is Anastasia that was offered in the Burger King kid's meal. The doll was representative of the main character in the animated movie of the same name.

If you have any suggestions on the above doll,  you email and refer to Lynn's doll:

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 Close up of face.  Painted features:

Maker:  Unknown
Marks:  Unknown
Size:  Approx. 20"
Year:  1973/74
Description:  Wearing original clothing (pink flannel p.j.s with ribbon ties at feet)

My first thought on this is that she resembles the redesigned Vogue Baby Dear very much.  The outfit is very similar to one I have that is marked Vogue Dolls, Inc.  However, to my knowledge Baby Dear never had curly hair.  Also, her mouth appears to be more open than that of Baby Dear.

If you have any suggestions can you email and refer to Kimberly's doll:

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Maker:  Unknown
Marks:  Unknown
Size:  approx. 14-18"
Year:  approx. 1979
Description:  Dark brown rooted hair, brown sleep eyes, head, arms and legs were vinyl, cloth body.

All Lorelei has to go on are these two photographs.  She believes that the red/white knit dress is original to the doll but isn't 100% sure.  Photos are fuzzy so cannot see the exact expression on this doll but it appears that her eyes are very large and her mouth is low on the face.

FOUND:  There has been suggestions that I am right on the Vogue Hug-A-Bye suggestion.

I thought it might be a Hug-a-Bye Baby by Vogue but haven't been able to confirm this.  Or, it could be an Effanbee baby doll as they made several during the late 70s, but I don't have a lot of reference photos of the various ones.



If you have any suggestions can you email and refer to Lorelei's doll:

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Maker:  Unknown
Marks: Unknown
Size: approx. 12"
Year: Dec. 1972
Description: We already know the doll on the left is Ideal Lazy Dazy.  We are trying to identify the doll on the right.   There was a very similar doll by Uneeda called Bundle of Love that Donna found a photo of on the Internet, but we are still not 100% sure (the hairstyle and clothes were different).  Any suggestions?

Please refer to Donna's doll when emailing:

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Maker:  Galoob
Marks:  Galoob 1993 on back of neck
Year:  1993
Description:  Press on her chest and she whispers several phrases, "Your dreams will come true, Ask again later, The future will tell, etc."  She has a cloth body, painted eyes, long blonde knotted yarn hair.  Satiny pink & white dress with star on chest.  Gold non-removable shoes.

If you have any suggestions:  

Please refer to Sherrill's doll:

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Maker:  Unknown
Marks:  Unknown
Size:  Around 12"
Year:  Around 1970
Description:  This looks like a factory made rag doll with orange yarn hair, possibly embroidered or painted face.  There is a felt flower attached to her right hand.  Body is a blue flowered print with orange "shoes" and a removable skirt.  Was this just a novelty doll or was it mass produced?

If you have any information on this doll could you please email me below and refer to CHRISSY's doll in your email:

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FOUND:  This is actually a version of the My Friends series that was marketed in Great Britain.  Examples have been found on the website.

Maker:  Fisher-Price
Marks:  Body tag has numbers 4012, 4013, and 4014.  Assembled in Hong Kong.
Size:  16"  (been redressed so clothing not known because it is not factory)
Year:  Dated 1986.
Description:  I have a lot of Fisher-Price dolls in my collection but visitor Ruth and I are stumped on who this is.  She said that she is made just like the My Friends dolls, (same body construction and her cloth body is white with pink rosebuds like the original Mandy doll).  However she has SLEEP EYES, not painted.  Her face shape is more like the later Special Birthday Mandy with fuller cheeks and pouty lips. I could not find any reference to this doll or the tag numbers in my Fisher Price reference books. 

If you can shed some light on this please refer to RUTH's doll:
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Maker:  Unknown
Marks:  Unknown 
Size:  approx. 20"-24"
Year:  1954
Material:  Magic skin bodies,  most likely vinyl heads with rooted saran-type hair, very blushed cheeks.

These fashion type dolls were purchased in North Carolina at Belk's (Belk Stevens) Dept. Store. This old black/white photo has been colorized so the actual color of the dresses may not be accurate but it is close.   The blue dress was a satin brocade and nylon fabric.  The brunette's dress was tiny red circles with black trim, there were red cuffed sleeves and she wore a stiff hat. 

Any Suggestions?

Please refer to Joanie's  doll:

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