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It was one of those beautiful Saturday mornings in spring when the air was crisp and the sky was intensely blue with just a hint of a cloud or two.  Perfect weather to take a drive just up the coast to a favorite little café which is conveniently tucked next door to an antique mall.  So I called my daughter and off we went.  I love popping into the antique store there since I never know what I'll find.  I have to admit that I'm always filled with a bit of anticipation as I order my meal in the café, knowing that the treat at the end...."the dessert" spelled D..O..L..L.... is what I'm really looking forward to.    Sometimes I find nothing, but this time my appetite was SATISFIED!

It never ceases to amaze me how I can visit a store that I have been frequenting for, lets say, close to 10 years, and I see some of the same things over and over,  each time I've gone.  Those lonely antiques, junk, treasures....whatever you want to call them, are sitting in the same spot, time and time again.  But every now and then something "new" appears that catches my eye....And there she was!  I turned the corner on an aisle and our eyes met.  Here was a little waif of a girl, cutely dressed and sitting at attention as if to say....find me, hey, I'm over here! LOOK!.. LOOK!!

Hummmm, she's kinda cute.  She looks like an Effanbee Patsy type doll.  She is quite large.  Composition, cloth body, mama style.   Hummmmm.  Let me see are there any markings?   On her back: Effanbee Lovems.  O.K.  Lovems, yes, well, Lovems was a popular early compo doll for Effanbee but she had a different face, more baby like, this one in my arms is definitely a Patsy type.  Let's move that hair out of the way.  There is the word Effanbee again and yes, Patsy.  But, wait a minute, what is that other word?  I'm seeing some letters...lets turn her to the light... my tired old eyes need to squint...Is it Joan, no, Lou, no's Ruth.  RUTH, wow! Patsy Ruth.  Quite RARE!I turned to my daughter and said, Natalie, meet your new little sister.  And she said, "AGAIN, MOM!!!"

Little Patsy Ruth wasn't in the best of shape, but she wasn't horrible.  Her sales tag said she was marked down to what I considered a reasonable price for her condition.  Nothing too major that I could see, and I knew that if I passed her up I would be regretting it for sure.  She was pretty evenly crazed on her face and limbs but her eyes were clear and her brush lashes were in pretty good shape.  She even still had her painted eye brows!  (Often these fade over time.)  I did notice that her wig had some blondish streaks in the front probably from sun as this is human hair.  And, her bangs were pretty short, most likely cut.  Still I thought a couple curlers and her hair will be just darling.

Anyway, I had so much fun playing with her, I thought I'd share her story and maybe have this section be a permanent feature of the site. 

Since I hadn't thought of doing this until I was fixing up her hair, I didn't really take the before and after photos that I should have.   But this is what I did do.  
Here is Patsy Ruth's story:

I'm so glad to have a new home and a new family to love me.  Though my former owner took pretty good care of me, I lost my original clothes long ago.  But alas, I couldn't live with her any more so she dressed me in this cute real baby girl dress and bonnet and put some "Sunday Best" type baby shoes on my feet that have room to grow.  Then she sent me to live in a big antique mall.  It was lonely there....I didn't like it.  There weren't any other dollies around me, just dishes, books, vases, and such.  Then all of a sudden I was picked up and carried to a counter and put in a big paper bag.  I think I have a new mommy.....her name is Miss Kaylee but I just call her, Mom. 

Here I sit, just after having a "bath".  I actually can't really take a bath because I am made of composition.  I was kinda dirty after so many years of "life".  My bath consisted of being rubbed sparingly with liquid Johnson's Jubilee polish. A little buffing of my knees and cheeks to bring my blush out (what 's left of it).  This got all the grime of years of shelf dust off of me.  Mommy carefully cleaned my face being very careful not to rub off my eyebrows or lip paint.  She just sort of worked around those areas.  After all, she thinks it is better to have a little smudge of dirt here and there rather than no face at all!!!  She said it was o.k. if I have some crazing.  After all I'm about 72 years young or so and bound to have a little wear and tear.  Mommy says that it is like the patina of fine silver. 

Then I started to get my hair curled.  My mommy likes to use old metal curlers from the 30s, just like I would have used back when I was "new".  Very carefully she spritz' small sections of hair just 'til its damp with Johnson's No More Tangles, and wraps the hair around the curlers. Sometimes these old curlers loose their rubber fasteners so she just uses a bobbie pin.  Doesn't really matter, the curls twirl just the same.




O.K., I'm all done, now I just have to wait until my hair is completely dry.  Sometimes this takes a few days but that is o.k., I can sleep sitting up!


Two days go by...........

Here I am again, ready to "let my hair down"!!!

Mom gently unravels each curler being careful not to pull too hard.   Some curls are looser than others.  Maybe I should have kept them in longer?

I'm being very careful not to move while mommy uses her pick to fluff up my curls. Maybe I'll get a lollipop when I am finish for being such a good girl! 

Wow, I feel SOOOO pretty!

In my youth back in the 30s, I would have worn my clothing much more loose than the way my mommy found me at the antique store.  Mom would love to find a vintage Patsy Ruth dress but knows that finding one is going to be a very hard task.  After all, I'm a whole 25" tall.  I'm much taller than most all the other Patsy family dolls.  Mommy does not put the pinafore back on since it is "too modern" and decides to just keep me in the dress portion.   She gave me some lacy socks too.  Now she is going to make me some hair bows. 


 Hummmm, should I wear my bonnet or not?...  After all, it hides my pretty curls.  The hair bows are "age appropriate."


I don't know, decide.




I think I'll go outside and play with my other Patsy family members.  Sister Patsy Ann on the left and little Patsyette on the right.  I know that Wee Patsy is around somewhere but I think she is hiding.  After all, she is so tiny at 6" that hiding from mom is easy for her to do.




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