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Madame Alexander's
"Pussy Cat"

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Of all the Madame Alexander babies, I think the Pussy Cat face is one of the most precious.  I have had this blonde Pussy Cat, my daughter nicknamed her Kay-Kay, since 1971.  I bought her shortly after I was married.  I remember  having a choice of eye color and I picked black (pupiless).  After time, I ended up letting my daughter play with her.  Even though she took very good care of her, she has lost some of her eyelashes and her hair is a bit fuzzy.  She is dressed in her original pink organdy layette.  Though most Pussy Cat's I see have knitted booties, my doll came with pink, lace-trimmed, leather baby shoes.



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This is the black version of Pussy Cat.  She was made for several years also.   She is basically the same as the white doll. She is wearing an original tagged dress. Unfortunately her booties have been lost along the way.

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Here is another version of Pussy Cat, perhaps later 70s.  She has lighter blond hair than mine and her eyes are blue.  She has her original outfit, even her hang tag, and the white knit booties.  Her dress is a cotton rosebud print and is less fancy than my doll's.

Another beautiful find is this lovely brunette Pussy Cat in a very fancy coat set.  She has the same organdy dress as my doll and the same leatherette shoes.  This must have been a deluxe edition.  I believe she is from the same period as my doll (early 70s) .  This precious darling has beautiful blue eyes with her very dark hair.  She does not have a topknot ponytail, just a plain smooth style.

I just love finding all of these variations! 

I've run across another sweet Pussy Cat. She is the smallest version, 14", and wears this one piece pinafore dress of blue gingham & white, with the knit booties.


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