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Kaylee's Korner

My   Personal   Collection

Welcome to my personal collection. I have developed these pages to share my hobby with others, who like me, are "just a bit on the edge of obsessive" (as my family says) about dolls!

My absolute favorite dolls are all types of Vogue Ginny dolls. However, as I began to collect and learn about Ginny's, I couldn't help but be attracted to so many others. I also have a fondness for some of the dolls of my own daughters' youth because they remind me of many very special times.

Click on ENTER to travel through the decades of dolls to view my personal collection.  I enjoy reading the stories in others' web pages so I have added stories about some of my dolls, how I acquired them, their condition, etc.  Because my site is filled with images, it will probably load rather slowly.   I hope they will be worth the wait if this happens.  Visit back often because I will add new pictures as my collection grows.  I would love to hear from you so, please, feel free to e-mail me to share your comments and suggestions. I hope I have made it easy to navigate my site (there are lots of nook's and crannies).  To get back to my main page at Kaylee's Doll Collection Connection, where you can get lots of information about dolls, links to other sites, auctions and for sale items, identify mystery dolls, post wanted items, and/or explore the reference library where you can order books online, click here or the button on each of my personal pages.  Have fun!


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