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"P.J. Sparkles"

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I found this doll at a thrift store.  She is not complete.  I had no idea who she was but I noticed that she had a battery compartment in her back so I couldn't wait to get her home and test her out.   When you press on the heart on her chest she starts to twinkle on her hair bow, earrings, bracelet and heart. She is not in the best of shape, the rhinestones are missing from her eyes, her bracelet is broken in half and she is missing her sandals.   However, for my investment of $2.00 she is fun.  She was mentioned in one of Pat Smith's Modern Collectors books, as P.J. Sparkles, marked "1988/Mattel Inc."   I have seen P.J. in other outfits too but I do not know how many varieties there are. By day, if the elastic is pulled up at the base of the dress, she wears a poofy skirt.  Pulled down it becomes her nightie (as shown).  Most times the dolls are found as this one, with stretched elastic that can no longer be styled into the short skirt.  (p.s. the dress has a cutout in the front where the plastic heart on her chest shows through)


She also came in an African American version (not shown)


When you press on the heart on PJ's chest, it makes her bracelet, hair bow, heart, and earrings, light up in a random order.

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