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"Rainbow Brite and Friends"

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A very popular character doll from the 80s was Mattel's Rainbow Brite.  She had lots of friends to keep her company and they shared many adventures together.  Like the Strawberry Shortcake line by Kenner, these dolls were heavily marketed in several sizes.  A little girl could quickly acquire a whole room full of related items.  Books, games, videos, furniture, and home accessories were just a few.  The large 18" dolls were quite pricey at the time of their popularity so many parents opted to purchase the smaller 12" dolls in order to collect the various members of the group.  Below I have a few examples of the dolls.  There are other websites devoted exclusively to Rainbow Brite and you might be able to find better examples.

Rainbow Brite

This is the popular star of the group.  She is 18" tall.

Rainbow Brite has a pretty little star "beauty mark" on her cheek.



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Patty O'Green

One of Rainbow's friends.  She is 18" tall.

Green eyes and freckles make this girl
 a definite cutie!

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Baby Brite

The baby of the group.  She is 14" tall.

Baby Brite has a tiny pink star on her cheek. (not very noticeable in this photo)

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Shy Violet

My favorite of the group.  She is 18" tall. Unfortunately she is missing her silvery dress.  Shown here with a couple of Sprite "pets". 



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Pictured are the small 11" versions of 
Rainbow Brite and her friends, the Color Kids. 

From L to R are:  Rainbow Brite (with her pet sprite), Canary Yellow, Red Butler, Patty O'Green, Indigo, Tickled Pink (seated), Shy Violet (glasses),
 and LaLa Orange. (Missing from the group is Buddy Blue)



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A few different variations of pet Sprites and Rainbow Brite's horse.
The Sprites have their own names and each belonged to a different kid.  Rainbow Brite's sprite is called Twink (white), Red Butler's is Romeo (red), Canary Yellow has Spark (yellow), Patty O'Green's is Lucky (green).  The blue one is Champ (does he belong to Buddy?).   The horse is Starlite.


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Variations of Rainbow Brite

Thanks to one of my site visitors, I have learned that the doll on the left is "Dress Up Rainbow Brite".  This is not the best example but there was a line of "Dress Ups" dolls that came with clothing and boots that could be removed.  The only clothing removable on the regular doll on the right is her dress.  Both say Hallmark 1983 on their back tags.

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