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Arranbee (R & B) Nancy Lee or Nanette ?

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This is a beautiful, tall, 21" girl with R & B marked on the back of her neck.  She is all hard plastic with a glued on wig, and she is a walker.  I was drawn to her by her striking brunette/brown eyes combination.  Most Arranbee dolls of her type were identified by a hang tag or label on the box.  She no longer has either (the tag shown in photo is actually dolly hairpins & clip on a wrist card).  My reference books refer to both Nancy Lee and Nanette being made of hard plastic and in various sizes, so I'm not sure which one I have. I'm also not sure if her dress is original but does seem to fit the 50s style.  I know that her shoes are replaced.


Isn't she lovely?




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