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Ginny Dolls from the 1950s (PRICES REDUCED!)

D-G-S53TV53gintvfl.jpg (27206 bytes)1953 #46 T.V.1953 Strung Ginny in #46 T.V. lounging outfit.  A very pretty side part brunette (fabulous full wig but stitching in hair loose).  Lashes and brows are faded but not green.   She is missing the plastic cat-eye glasses that usually came with this outfit, and the belt is a replacement.  Small crack or scratch on back of leg, does not affect display.$200.00
D-G-S5000GinS2fl.jpg (24149 bytes)Early 50s Strung Ginny - Brown eyesThis early 50s strung Ginny is wearing a tagged outfit that was often found in the Rich Uncle deluxe sets as an extra.  It is tagged with the Medford tag.  Her wig is a very dark brunette, thinner braids and may be a replacement as it does not have the texture that is most often found on this age doll.   Ginny marked shoes and nice pink socks complete the outfit.~SOLD~
D-G-M56PT56ginPlayfl.jpg (20526 bytes)1956 #55 Play Time seriesThis is a 1956 Ginny wearing the #55 Play Time outfit.  She is a molded lash Straight Leg Walker with pretty blonde saran hair.  Very clean doll.  She does have the slight "elastic marks" near eyes that sometimes are found on these dolls.  Outfit in excellent condition. Great display doll.$200.00

Madame ALEXANDER Dolls from the 50s


American Character Dolls from the 50s

D-AC-11TT0711" Tiny TearsThe smallest of the Tiny Tears line, this is a played with doll with some minor issues.  Click on photo for complete description.  She has the all vinyl body made in the late 50s, and Rock-A-Bye eyes.  Original dress, bonnet and panties. No shoes.  ~SOLD~
D-AC-15TTBL15" Tiny TearsThis is the mid-sized version of American Character's popular Tiny Tears.  She is a later 50s doll as she has the vinyl body (not rubber).  She has the more rare honey blond hair.  Minor play wear.  She is in very nice condition with wonderful warm coloring but does have a noticeable rub on her right cheek.  She has the Rock-a-Bye eyes.  She wears an original Tiny Tears dress and bonnet but does not have any panties or shoes.~SOLD~
D-AC-TOODB21" Toodles ToddlerThis is the 1955-59 Toodles Toddler baby doll.  Also known as Toodles the Action Doll.  Not sure of exact year.  She measures about 21".  She has the extra joints at her elbows and knees that allow her to pose in multiple positions.  She has the rarer BRUNETTE rooted saran hair!  Her coloring is great with fantastic beautiful blue eyes.  She has some lip paint loss on her top and bottom lip.  She has been redressed in a real baby dress of soft pink cotton trimmed in frilly white lace.  Hair ribbon added.  She has what I think are her original pink checked panties??  No shoes.  ~SOLD~

Ideal Dolls of the 50s

D-I-REV1515" Miss RevlonThis is a lovely 15" Ideal Miss Revlon fashion doll in her original navy colored Cherries a la Mode dress.  The 15" size is considered hard to find because it was only made between 1958 through 1959.  She has her slip although it has lost it's elastic and is pinned in place.  Dress snaps partially missing.  She no longer has panties and her shoes are replacements.  Also, she still has the metal earring pins but no longer has the drop pearls.  There is no green on her ears.  Hair is coarse saran. Could even have been cut, not sure because  it is out of its original set.  Overall a lovely doll that just needs a little sprucing up.  Click on photo for more pictures and details.~SOLD~
D-I-REV1818" Miss RevlonThis is a lovely 18" Ideal Miss Revlon fashion doll in what I believe is an original dress of soft blue organdy with flocked embossed flowers and the original flower trim at neckline.  She has pink panties, also believed to be original.  Her high-heeled shoes are replacements and one of the snaps across the toes is broken.  She is all hard vinyl with a swivel waist.  Her markings are IDEAL DOLL/VT-18 on her neck.  There are no markings on the torso but the number 18 on each inner thigh and 18 on underarms.  Her saran hair has been put up into a bobbed ponytail with a ribbon as it is out of original set.  Her earrings are missing and there is green discoloration where the holes are.   Overall this doll displays well but is in played with condition and not perfect.  Please click on photo for a detailed description. $135.00

Miscellaneous Dolls of the 50s (PRICES REDUCED!)

D-NA-MUF1954 Nancy Ann MUFFIEHere is a 1954 Muffie by Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Co.  Type #2 - She is a straight leg walker with no eyebrows.  She has both painted eyelashes and molded eyelashes.  She is a played with doll. Her hair is a dark auburn and has been re-braided with blue bows added.  I do not know if this is a true Muffie dress but it has all the features of one.  It has the attached slip and painted small button style snap.  I found her without arms so strung her with authentic Muffie arms.   Her arms hold a pose well.  She wears rather stretched out rayon socks and the blue side snap shoes are not marked on the bottom.  They do have heels.  A very sweet doll.$150.00
D-Z-CGRGingerfl.jpg (45048 bytes) 1955? Cosmopolitan's GingerThis sweet Ginger, a straight leg walker with molded eyelashes, wears what appears to be a hand crocheted dress, most likely made from a pattern.  Doll is in very nice condition.  Hair is very wiry saran flip style. Pink vinyl side-snap shoes w/pink socks.~SOLD~
D3-Z-8INHPvirgafl.jpg (21755 bytes) 8" Ginny-type Hard Plastic WalkerThese unmarked 8" hard plastic dolls from the 50s were marketed to compete with the popular Ginny.  Most likely made by PMA, Fortune, or Virga. Redressed in a typical "angel sleeve" dress from the era.$45.00

nadebfl.jpg (27324 bytes)

Nancy Ann Storybook's  "Debbie" This chubby toddler doll, called Debbie, is Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls' answer to Littlest Angel.  She is approx. 10 1/2" tall.  She has a hard plastic bent-knee body with a vinyl head with rooted hair.  Redressed in an appropriate vintage outfit. Hard-to-find doll from the late 50s. Knees are a bit stiff, don't want to force them.~SOLD~
D3-RB-LArblafl2.jpg (38501 bytes) Arranbee's 
Littlest Angel
A popular toddler doll from the late 50s/early 60s, this is Arranbee's Littlest Angel with hard plastic bent-knee body and vinyl head w/rooted long blonde hair.  Very nice condition wearing what I believe is an original dress.  She has trouble standing on her own, so a stand will be included with this doll.$100.00
Vogue Dolls
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