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Ginny Dolls of the 1970s

D3-G-780277gincheerfl.jpg (28912 bytes)Vogue Lesney "Skinny" GinnyThis is the redesigned Ginny doll, made by Vogue as a subsidiary of Lesney Corp. in 1978.  It is often referred to as the "skinny" Ginny.  This brunette doll is wearing a cute cheerleader type outfit with a "G" on the front and she is Mint in Box.$20.00

Ideal Dolls of the 1970s

D-I-CRSIdeal CrissyThis is the 1970 version of the popular growing hair doll by Ideal Toys called CRISSY.  She wears her original orange lace mini skirt, matching panties, and matching shoes.  Her extendable hair is in great condition and goes to just below her bottom so she is the second issue (first issue went all the way to floor).  She is a lovely near mint doll with beautiful coloring and would make a wonderful addition to any Crissy Family collection!!  No box.~SOLD~
D-I-CRSLA8Ideal "Look Around Crissy"Released in 1972, this is the "Look Around" version of Crissy.  She has a butterfly shaped pull-string when pulled, allows her to move her waist from side-to-side.  Still works.  Original dress, panties, and shoes.  Sometimes this taffeta gown is called the Christmas outfit.  Her hair grows and retracts.  Base hair is rather blunt cut so may have been cut.  Not sure.~SOLD~
D-I-TIFFIdeal's Tiffany TaylorThis is Ideal's 18" Tiffany Taylor fashion doll.  She has a unique scalp that rotates to change her hair color from platinum blond to a sable brown.  This doll was marketed in 1973-75.  She wears her original outfit, though the skirt has some stains on it.  Her platform sandals are original as well. Overall she is in nice condition but her right leg is a bit loose in the socket.  Still she displays very well and can stand on her own when balanced correctly.~SOLD~
D-I-DNAidinafl.jpg (26239 bytes)Ideal 1971-72
DINA from the Crissy family.
Ideal's Dina is from the Crissy grow hair family, dressed in original outfit but with different shoes than the original, but are appropriate.  Made between 1971-72, she is 15" tall. Velvet's "tan" friend from the West Coast.  Swivel waist for posing.  Hair a bit coarse, bang trim, nice facial coloring.  Harder-to-find friend.~SOLD~
Fisher-Price Dolls of the 1970s
D-FP-8ANN14" Baby Ann, tag #204From the Soft Girls series, also known as the "lap sitters," this is Baby Ann.  Gently played with but in good overall condition.  She has been dressed in her authentic dress and diaper as she came to me nude.  Hair washed and is shiny and clean.  No chew marks or holes in body.  Tag is present and crisp.  She came in a box with other dolls and they all had a strong odor of cigarette smoke.  I have cleaned her up and there may be a very slight smoker's odor although I've febreezed her.  Click photo for more details on this.~SOLD!~
D-FP-LGAUD14"  Audrey, tag #203From the Soft Girls series, also known as the "lap sitters," this is Audrey.  Very gently played with, in great condition.  She wears removable denim overalls over her non-removable red/white heart shirt.  Hair is clean and shiny.  She has a cute sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks.  Her hair ribbons are replaced.   ~SOLD!~
 D-FP-JOEY 14" Joey, tag #206From the Soft Girls series (I know, he is a boy, but that is what they called it) in the mid-70s.  This is a very cute, Joey, the only boy in the group.  He is gently played with, but in good overall condition.  He has his jacket.  Shoe laces are relatively clean, slight soiling of shoes.  Hair washed, and is shiny and clean. No chew marks or holes in body.  Tag is present but has the letter "K" inked on it.  Slight smoker's odor although I've febreezed him.  Click photo for more details on this.~SOLD~
D-FP-MARY14" Mary, tag #200From the Soft Girls series, also known as the "lap sitters," this is Mary.  Sweet little Mary is all original with her removable skirt and lace trimmed apron, and her original bows.  Her head is a little floppy.  No chew marks or holes in body.  There is slight staining on one sock where the red of the shoe bled into it.  A very slight smoker's odor still lingers although she has been sprayed heavily with Febreeze odor eliminator and had her hair and clothing washed.  ~SOLD!~
D-FP-BOB245Bobbie, tag #245This is an infant toy named Bobbie, actually dated 1980.  Bobbie measures 14" from tip of bonnet to feet and  has a tag #245.  Tag is still present but faded and worn indicating that Bobbie has probably been laundered.  These cloth dolls with vinyl faces are machine washable.  Their clothing in non-removable.  Bobbie is in very clean condition.  Bobbie does have a few surface scratches and rubs on cheeks and a bit of paint loss on the raised areas of the hair.   Overall a nice doll.  These are not easy to find due to the fact they are not as common as the Honey baby.~SOLD!~
Fisher Price Puffalump Kids in 90s section
 Madame Alexander Dolls of the 1970s
D-MA-PC14M.A. Pussy CatThis is the smallest version at 14" tall.  These dolls were made for several years from 1965 - 1990.  Her head is marked 1977 so she is between 1977-1990.   Gently played with in very nice condition.   Lovely 14" blonde with pretty blue eyes.  Original tagged outfit, replaced hair ribbon.  Click photo for full description. ~SOLD~
Mattel Dolls of the 1970s
D-M-NLNT13" Mattel Newborn Love 'n TouchA precious, floppy little baby; this is Newborn Love 'n Touch from 1979.  She is all original and is in wonderful condition as far as I can tell.  I say this because on very close inspection I've noticed that her eyebrows and eye paint look a little different than others I've seen.  Please click on the photo for a more detailed description of what I mean.  She is a very clean doll.  Her soft outfit has drop-drawers which when lowered exposes  her little "bum".  She is the perfect size for a small child to love and cuddle.~ SOLD ~
D-M-BTLAMattel Baby Tender LoveOriginal version of the Baby Tender Love doll.  One piece body.  Marked 1969 but was marketed in 1970.  Slight "pitting" of dublon vinyl body which is common with these dolls. Has soft pink outfit that needs fixing.  Part of the snap is missing in back and there is no elastic left in the panties.  She is missing her hair bow, bottle, and booties.  Some loss of lip paint. No chew marks.  Click on photo for more details.~ SOLD ~
D-M-BTLBMattel Baby Tender LoveThis Baby Tender Love is wearing a hot pink outfit in excellent condition and she still has her booties although the elastic is completely out of them so they slip off easily.  She is the original version, head marked 1969 but was released in 1970s.  Can see slight pitting of vinyl body but only when held to light.   Lip paint good but she does have a cheek rub.  No chew marks.  Overall a great example.  Very sweet!~ SOLD ~
D-M-BLLMattel Baby Love LightMade for only a short time (1971-72), this is the hard-to-find Baby Love Light.  Marketed as a comforting nighttime friend, she is a battery operated doll that when her right hand is squeezed, her eyes light up.   This doll still works.  She requires 2 "D" cell batteries (not included).  No holes in outfit and tag is still present.  Tiny chew marks on her right thumb.  The non-removable flannel pajamas are a bit "pilly" and a little dingy from age and play.  Still, these don't come around often due to their rarity.  ~SOLD~

Raggedy Ann Dolls of the 1970s


More Raggedy's in 60s

Holly Hobbie Dolls of the 70s
D-K-HHA16Knickerbocker 16" Holly Hobbie Friend - AMYHere is Holly Hobbie's friend Amy still in her original box which has kept her in pristine, never played with condition.  Still attached to cardboard backing.  Great doll but the box is worn and creased, cello loose, and top is marked up.  Click on photo for more information about doll and box.~SOLD~
D-K-8HHH16Knickerbocker 16" Holly Hobbie Friend - HEATHERHere is Holly Hobbie's friend Heather, but she no longer has her box.  She is loose but in very clean condition.  No rips or stains.  Bonnet brim a bit bent, and the poofy stuffing in bonnet is somewhat crushed.  Overall a great Heather even without a box!~SOLD~
D-K-AMY16Knickerbocker 16" Holly Hobbie Friend - AMYHere is Holly Hobbie's friend Amy, but she no longer has her box.  She is loose but in very clean condition.  No rips or stains.  However, it appears her pigtails have been cut shorter.  She only has one hair ribbon glued to the side of her pigtail, the other is missing.  Dress tag is readable.$22.00
D-K-NTHHKnickerbocker 13" Night Time Holly HobbieLess common than the traditional Holly Hobbie, this is Holly Hobbie in her nightgown, ready for bed.  She has her cute little "teddy bear" in her pocket.  Very clean doll.  No rips, stains, or holes in fabric.
D-K-NTAKnickerbocker 13" Night Time AmyThis is Holly's freind Amy in her nightgown, ready for bed with her cute little "puppy" in her pocket.  Very clean doll.  One small faint ink mark on face.  Hair has been re-braided and little yellow yard bows added.  Overall clean, no stains, rips, or holes in fabric.   

Miscellaneous Dolls of the 1970s




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