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Little Miss No Name

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Hasbro Little Miss No Name
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Copyright 1965

Poor Little Miss No Name is looking for some LOVE.  She stands 15" tall and is wearing what I believe is her original burlap dress that closes with a safety pin (I don't believe the pin is original).  She does not have any panties.  She still has her plastic tear on her cheek (this is often missing on these dolls).  Big eyed dolls, as well as poor waifs, were quite popular in the 60s.  Little girls (moms, too) were quite taken by her charms and wanted to give her some love.  Her palms are open and can be positioned as if she is begging.  The burlap fibers are quite old and tend to break down but that is the nature of this natural material.  The dress is still in very good shape for its age.  I added the hair ribbon as her original one is gone.
additional photos below:

Often these dolls are found without the little plastic tear on their cheek, but hers is nicely secured.  Her blue eye shadow is prominent and the pink lip paint somewhat pale.  This doll is a bit dirty and dusty but I left her as I found her because I think it adds a bit of charm to this particular little street urchin.

She does have a permanent whitish discoloration on her right cheek.  Don't know why this is, but wanted to mention it.  Looks almost like the paint on the plastic has worn down.  It does not clean off.

I've seen other dolls with little white panties but this doll doesn't have any.  Also, I believe that the pin holding her dress together should be brass, but this is a typical stainless steel, so probably a replacement.  As mentioned earlier, because of age, the burlap is a bit fuzzy and breaks off easily.  Would not recommend excessive handling.

Cute, original felt patches on front of outfit.
This would make a wonderful addition to your collection if you love the unusual, or love 60s dolls.  These dolls are not all that easy to find today, especially in original condition.  Perhaps this was your childhood doll or that of someone you know.  She is just BEGGING to come home and share your heart and hugs!

Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.
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