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Ideal Cuddly Kissy Doll

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Ideal Cuddly Kissy (1965)
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additional photos below:

Cuddly Kissy baby doll was made for one year only in 1965 and is somewhat harder to find than the other members of the Kissy family.   She has a cloth body with vinyl limbs.  She has a vinyl head with rooted saran type hair.  Her "kiss" is activated by squeezing her tummy.  When tummy is squeezed she pulls her arms together slightly, puckers her lips, and makes a "kissing" sound.  She works well.  It appears that there is a small patch on the cloth body at the back of her neck where she may have been repaired at one time (see photo below).   She wears her original outfit which consists of a corduroy jumper over a cotton "onesie". The outfit is in good condition, all snaps o.k., no holes, but is a bit soiled and somewhat wrinkled, with a few stains on the white undergarment.    She has a replaced hair bow and is missing her shoes.

This is the one piece undergarment trimmed in lace.  Slight soiling and yellowing from age.

Cuddly Kiss has a cloth body.


There are a few small brownish stains like this on the white garment.  I have not tried to launder them.  May or may not come out but are hidden when doll is displayed.

Here is the area where it appears the doll has been patched (as found).  Possibly her kissing mechanism was repaired as she kisses well.

Her eyes are bright and clear, lashes all there, good facial coloring. Her hair is shaggy and a bit uneven but does not appear to have been cut.  I think this is how she came from the factory.  The longer hair has a bit of a curl to it and the shorter hair is a bit more choppy looking.  Her little topknot ponytail has a replaced ribbon.
A nice example of a played with doll that is somewhat hard to find today.

Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.
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