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Ideal Newborn Thumbelina Doll

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Ideal 9" Newborn Thumbelina
1967 Marked:  TT-9-H 106 or 108 (hard to read)

Item Code: D-I-9NBT 
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additional photos below:

Ideal marketed this darling 9" mechanical doll from 1968 through 1972.  When the pull string was extended she would slowly wriggle and move her head while the string retracted.  Unfortunately as is common, this doll no longer has her pull string so she no longer works.  I know that these dolls can often be fixed but I do not know whether this particular doll is fixable. When I push down on her torso while she is lying on a flat surface, I can hear the movement mechanism and can see her head slightly move so it is my guess that she probably can, but I do not know how or who fixes these.   I thought rather than hold onto her, I'd put her up for adoption and her new mommy can pursue that if she wants.  Otherwise she makes a great display doll because she is in pretty good condition and her outfit is original.

Newborn Thumbelina wears her original knit p.j.s.  Elastic is slightly stretched in the bottoms at waist.  Top has a factory tag and closes with two snaps.  Stand is being used for photo and not included.  She'd rather be hugged and cuddled anyway.

Back View

There is a fabric rip in her body at the back of her right shoulder.  I believe this is due to the fragile nature of the aged fabric.  Overall the body looks like there is staining to the torso and could be why the fabric split. Though cloth body appears stained the vinyl head and limbs are in excellent condition.

As shown, there is no pull string.  It might still be inside and only the plastic ring missing, but I couldn't see or feel anything.

No chew marks on fingers or toes.

Body Tag is frayed and stained but readable.

Her eyes are bright and clear, with good facial coloring. No paint chips.  Her hair is shaggy and a bit uneven but has not been cut.  This is how she came from the factory. 
A nice example of a played with doll that is somewhat hard to find today.

Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.
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