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Mattel Baby Small Walk

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Mattel's Baby Small Walk
Item Code:  D-M-BSW  ~ $25.00 ~
No longer walks!

Marked 1967 on back of head. Beautiful coloring, original outfit. Baby Small Walk is 11" tall.  She was part of the "mini" action dolls from 1967 along with Tiny Swingy, Baby Small Talk, etc.  She still has the original matching hair bow fastened in her hair.   When I bought her several years ago, there was no way to test her walking mechanism so I took a chance, but I have been unsuccessful at getting her to walk with batteries alone.  When I tip her upside down, I do hear something loose inside her, so that is probably the problem.  These dolls have hard plastic bodies and there is no inside body access to these dolls unless they are split open.  I would leave this to a professional if you wanted to try to repair her, but I have no idea if she can be repaired and do not know who does this type of work.  Still she is a pretty doll and would display very well.  I bought her mainly to use as an example of this type on my website.
Additional photos below:

A very happy expression.
Baby Small Walk has bright facial coloring and four tiny painted teeth in her big smile. 

This is a small flaw I found when cleaning her.  Her vinyl pinky finger of her left hand has a tiny rough spot which has become blackish.  Could be ink?

Some very minor paint loss on fronts of non-removable shoes from usual wear and tear of play over the years.  There is more paint loss on the backs of her shoes as shown in the photo above.

Original pink hair bow still firmly attached.

Lots of beautiful soft hair.

Though this doll's walking mechanism does not work, and may not be able to be fixed, I feel that this item would best be purchased by a collector, to be appreciated for the nostalgia that it invokes.   If this was your childhood doll and you do not care if she works, then she would be a wonderful example since she is in original clothing and clean condition overall.

Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.

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