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Knickerbocker  Raggedy Ann (21")
"I Love You" Heart on Chest"
Item Code: D2-K-ANDY  ~ $65.00 ~
"JOY OF A TOY" tag

additional photos below:

Knickerbocker Raggedy's were made anywhere from 1963-1982.   So knowing the exact year the doll was made is rather difficult.  The Knickerbocker tag is on the inside of his pant leg.  It is a "Joy of a Toy" type tag which I believe is an early 60s tag.  However, any Knickerbocker Raggedy is very collectible.  This Andy is 21" tall, he has all of his buttons on his clothes but he is missing his bow tie. 

Andy's face is exceptionally bright and clean.  No scratches on his eyes which just shows that he was probably not played with much, if at all.  His clothing looks very clean but his white collar and cap do show some age discoloration.

Andy is waiting for hugs!

Andy's hair is full and securely fastened to his head.  The white part of his hat is age discolored as well as his collar.  The rest of his outfit it bright, clean, and original, does not look to have been laundered.

Would make a great addition to your Raggedy collection.  Perhaps your Ann needs her playmate?


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