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Vogue 16" Ginny Baby 

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16"  Vogue  Ginny Baby
Item Code:  D4-V-GB16    $38.00
Marked ©GINNY BABY/Vogue Dolls Inc. on neck and Vogue Doll on back.

Vogue made this very popular Ginny Baby throughout the 1960s and into the 80s, in several sizes and varieties so it is difficult to accurately know exactly which year she was made.  The tagged dress she is wearing (which I found separately and dressed her in) is documented in the Vogue Encyclopedia as being from 1969.  I added the hair bow.  She also has a onesie slip, trimmed in lace, that may be original to her.  She is a drink/wet doll with sleep eyes, and rooted blonde hair.  She looks like a large version of the Ginnette baby.
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Her shiny, clean hair is slightly curly and slightly shagged.   Hair is a soft flossy texture, not the coarse feel of saran.

Ginny Baby has some very minor surface rubs to her checks but otherwise she has very good coloring and her eyes are clear and bright.  Brush upper lashes, and  painted lower lashes are all present.  


Ginny Baby has a few small stains on her arm and finger.
Ginny Baby's worst stain is on hr right leg.  Looks like she has a bruise.  This is covered by her dress and does not show when displayed

Dress is a pink cotton with a darling lace overlay.  There are no holes in fabric or lace.
This dress does show some brownish stains on the lace throughout.  Mostly noticeable on the back of the dress.  May be able to be laundered to remove them (I'll leave that up to new owner), however they may be permanent.  Still this is a very pretty original tagged dress.  Not shown in the photo is a cute onesie type slip/pantie combo that is what I found her in.  It may be original.

 Not a mint doll but this sweet Ginny Baby would make a very nice addition to your Vogue Doll Collection.

Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.

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