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Vogue Baby Dear

18"  Vogue  Baby Dear - Early 60s
Item Code:  D3-V-BD18    $235.00
The larger early 60s version of Vogue's popular Baby Dear designed by Eloise Wilkin (popular children's book illustrator for many classic
Little Golden Books).
A loved doll, wears authentic Baby Dear p.j.s but these were actually for the later 60s redesigned doll.  Fit perfectly.
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She has short blond rooted hair, somewhat shaggy ends and appears choppy but this is original.

She is tagged on the back of her cloth body at the neckline with the appropriate attached Vogue label.  She also has the E. Wilkin mark stamped into the back of her right leg.

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This is Vogue Doll's Baby Dear made in the early 60s.  I'm having a hard time giving her up, she is just precious.  She has been played with but overall she is in pretty nice condition.  Her coloring is a bit uneven on her face. It is hard to see in the photo but the vinyl has faded ever so slightly on the left forehead/temple area and on her cheek.  The close-up picture makes it appear that she has white spots for pupils but in fact, that is the flash against the blue.  They are solid blue as they should be.   Pink lips with the slightest of lip rub in the center inside part of lip.
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Her overall condition is very good.  She does have some stains on her cloth body on her backside, that are hidden by her clothes.  I have no idea why she is stained this way. Looks like she sat in something or if she sat in water, perhaps her stuffing stained through the cloth.  At least it is hidden under her clothing.
As I mentioned above.  The outfit she is wearing is an authentic Baby Dear outfit, and is tagged, but is for the later model doll.  I found a reference photo of it in the Vogue Encyclopedia as the two piece p.j.s for the 1969 Baby Dear. It is an aqua blue very tiny checked pattern, with lace trim.

Precious Baby Dear is just waiting for a home with hugs!

  This doll would make a wonderful addition to any Vogue Doll collection or would bring back precious memories if you owned this doll as a child.

Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.

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