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Ideal's Tammy & Little Sister Pepper

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Tammy represented a wholesome all American teenager.   She was sold with several separate outfits.  She appeared on the market in the early 60s around the same time as Barbie was making her mark.  Because Barbie sparked somewhat of a controversy with some moms, Tammy became a good alternative as she seemed to represent the average girl.  For the most part, her outfits were casual and sporty.   Tammy had a good following throughout the 60s.  She too, like Barbie, had separate accessory items, furniture, and a car.  She also had a family.  Her little sister's name is Pepper.
She is 12" tall, has painted side-glancing eyes, and was sold in this blue one piece jumpsuit. Unfortunately she is missing her white slip-on shoes. 

Tammy's face and body structure did not change throughout her popularity, however, she was offered in several different hairstyles.  Here are a few examples:

Honey Blonde Flip
(most common)

Platinum Blonde Ponytail
(my favorite)

Brunette Shaggy Bob
(harder to find)


This might be a honey blonde but it appears a bit more ash than the honey shown above.   Also, she has lots of cute curls surrounding her head so I thought I'd add her.
In my travels I came across this nice example of Tammy's little sister, Pepper (9 1/2" tall).  She is wearing a tagged "Pepper" dress which was part of a set called "Happy Holidays #9317-9". 

She has darling freckles across her nose.


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