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Ideal's Tiny Thumbelina

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Doll belongs to my friend Cheryl



This was a very popular doll in the early 60s.  The name Thumbelina was brought back in the 70s and 80s but this is the one that is most sought after.  She has a round knob on her back that, when wound, makes her slowly move like a real baby. Many of the dolls found today are missing their winding knob.  The doll came in a few different sizes.  This one is the tiny one.     I remember begging my mom for a
Thumbelina doll but to no avail. I may have had a Vogue Baby Dear instead (which is also a very collectible doll, unfortunately I no longer have her) but I wanted this doll because she moved like a real baby!
When I discovered my friend Cheryl had this one I asked her if I could photograph her for the site.  She is an excellent example.  And she works!


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