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Uneeda "Pee Wee" & "Hee Wee" Dolls

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  Super tiny dolls were all the rage in the 60s and into the 70s.  The most popular were Mattel's Liddle Kiddles but the Pee Wee dolls by Uneeda had a strong following as well.  These little dolls are only 3 1/2" high and wear removable clothing.  The little girl should have a straw hat and I'm not sure what the boy is supposed to be.  His outfit may not be original.  There were several dolls in the line, in various outfits.  Cases were available to store them in.  The little boy dolls were called Hee Wee dolls, while the more plentiful girls, were called Pee Wees.  The boys had molded hair while the girls had rooted hair.  I found these two in a case at an antique shop and bought them to add information to my site.  I am not a collector of the Pee Wee line.  They are both marked exactly the same on the bottoms of their feet:  U.D.CO. Inc. 1965 Pee Wees  



  Here is a Mint On Card pair of Pee Wee's that I just recently found.  Must have been a promotional "get two for the price of one".  Card is dated 1969.  

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