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How much is my doll worth?
As my site has grown in popularity over the years, I've started getting multiple requests from visitors wanting to know the value of their dolls.  Since I am not an official doll appraiser, and know that I cannot provide an accurate quote from a simple request or photo without spending a lengthy amount of time on each request, I have found myself answering the emails with the same explanation and suggestions over and over.  Because of this I have decided to create this page as a link for visitors when they ask about values.  By reading through these suggestions you should be able to determine a ballpark value yourself.  I'm sure you can imagine that since this website is viewed internationally, if I tried to answer everyone's inquiry, I would no longer have time in my day for anything else.


I will still try to help people identify their dolls if I can.  But I will not provide a value of it.  Even to try to answer a visitors request for a general value range is a very time consuming task (no, there is no magic book or website that one can simply skim through to find the answer).  Because of this I feel I must decline all inquiries of this nature.  I am sorry, I wish I knew the answers off the top of my head but I just don't. 

Most people can find the answer to their question themselves, with just a little bit of research.  There are several tools to help them.  So let me pass along some suggestions to you that I would do if I wanted to find a value of a doll that I stumbled upon:

  •  I can sum this up into one word that will help you get started:  eBay!

Though prices on eBay can be all over the place at times, even on very similar dolls, it is still one of the most current references available.  If one is just a bit patient, one can follow several auctions of dolls similar to their own that have recently closed and get a pretty good ballpark figure of the current worth. Based on an honest comparison of your doll to those sold and a quick analysis of bid history to understand the bidding dynamics, one should be able to accurately determine what their own doll's value might be if their doll's general condition is similar.  EBay is probably the easiest of the suggestions because you don't have to get up out of your chair!

This is a very well respected doll auction house that has huge live auctions throughout the US.  They advertise their auctions online and post the results of the final bids there as well.  Though most of the dolls tend to be antiques they often have more modern mid-century dolls.  I don't believe they have anything later than the 60s.  You may not find your type of doll here, but if you do you can use these prices as guides because they are pretty current.

  • Published Doll Price Guides and Doll Reference Books

Use Doll Price Guides with a bit of caution.  They can be a helpful tool to get a "feel" for values but most often the values stated are for dolls of pristine condition, un-played with and complete. Unless you have stumbled upon such a treasure, most likely your doll will not "live" up to those standards and their negatives must come into consideration and price must be adjusted accordingly. Quite significantly in some cases.  Also, a price guide or reference book with values will quickly become outdated.  Not all doll values go up with time so if you find a doll referenced in a 1998 price guide at $200, it may or may not be valued more today just because 10 years have passed.  That is why I think eBay can be such a good tool.  It is current information and there are lots of varieties of condition.  Of course price guides aren't much value if you don't know who your doll is in the first place, but if you do, it is another avenue to try.  You can often find current books in your local bookstore under Antiques/Crafts/Collectibles.   Ask the salesclerk to show you to the section.

  • Doll Magazines

There aren't a lot of them out there but some doll magazines have a small section listing values of dolls that people send in with a photograph.  The published information is usually pretty limited and if you decide to write them, be prepared to wait quite a few months for your response to be published (if it is at all).  I'm sure they get 1000s of requests, too.

  • Doll Shows

If you live in or near a relatively large city you can probably find that there are doll clubs in your area.  Most of these clubs have a couple of shows/sales per year.  I can usually find them advertised in the local, free, collectibles newspapers that are left in antique malls, but sometimes they are advertised in the doll magazines found at the bookstore.  Once at the show they usually have a table with more flyers of upcoming shows.  Anyway, these clubs are usually filled with ladies (and some gentlemen too) who love to TALK DOLL.  I'm sure some of them would be happy to give you a ballpark figure of value if you brought your doll into the show.  You might even see other examples of your doll being sold by dealers and you can certainly see their prices.  I believe you can contact the United Federation of Doll Clubs  to find local chapters in your area.

  • Doll Appraisals

If you feel you need an official appraisal, you can probably find a doll appraiser through an antique shop in your area.  Perhaps they are even listed in the yellow pages.  I know that some advertise online as well but there again, I don't know how accurate it can be if it is just from a photo.  I have no idea what their qualifications are (if there are any) and they usually charge for this service.  There is also too, the auction site I listed above, which is very reputable. 

Again, I am sorry I cannot help you more individually regarding values, but I can still try to help you figure out who you have (or who you are trying to remember) if the doll was a manufactured doll in the 20th century that was mass marketed to be played with as a toy.  Most of my reference books have dolls made in the US by some of the major toy makers dated to the 70s, but there are a few that have some 80s information. 



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