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Vogue Baby Dear

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  In the 1960s Vogue had a definite hit with this life-like baby called Baby Dear.  She was designed by the popular children's book illustrator, Eloise Wilkin.  Eloise is probably most noted for her illustrations of many precious children in Little Golden Books.  The very earliest doll had only one sprout of hair on the top of her head but within a year, they replaced that style with a whole head rooted hair version.  The 18" doll pictured above has a full head of rooted hair so she was probably made between 61-64.  After 1965 Vogue completed redesigned her  face.  Though the newer version is quite pretty (similar to Alexander's Pussy Cat), this earlier, more realistic, Baby Dear is much more popular with collectors today.

She came in both an 18" and a smaller 12" version.  She has a cloth Vogue Dolls, Inc. label glued onto the back of her neck, and her upper leg has "E. Wilkin" embossed into it.   The outfit above is tagged Vogue but it is for the later 1969 redesigned version of  Baby Dear.  Still, you have to agree that she is just the sweetest!



This is a 12" Baby Dear in an original pink flannel sleep gown.  Virtually the same doll as above, only in miniature.  

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