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Vogue Ginny Baby

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  Throughout the 1960s, 70s, and into the early 80s Vogue marketed a popular baby doll called Ginny Baby.  She is a drink/wet doll made of all vinyl (however, she was a dry/nurser in 62-63).  She was available in several different sizes, the smallest being 8" like Ginny's sister, Ginnette, up to a very large 25" version.  However, not all sizes were available in each year.  Most of the dolls had rooted hair, but some were made with painted hair.  This example that I have above is the 16" size.  They are usually marked on the back of the neck Ginny Baby, or Vogue.  

The Vogue Encyclopedia by Izen/Stover has the most information that I have seen on these dolls with details about their markings and outfits, but the book does state that some of the years there wasn't any information released by the company, making it difficult to document these dolls thoroughly.  

Most of the clothing is tagged Vogue Dolls, Inc. on an inside seam.   The clothing was usually available in multiple sizes to correspond to the various sizes of the dolls.  Separate outfits could be purchased as well as dressed dolls.  

Some of the 8" ones look extremely like the rooted hair Ginnette so unless they have a wrist tag that identifies them, I think that they are often mistaken for each other.





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