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Vogue Teen Dolls

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Vogue Jeff and Jill


 The most popular doll of Vogue's teenage line was Ginny's big sister Jill.  Like Ginny she had oodles of outfits that could be purchased separately, as well as a variety of accessories, and furniture.  Jill was first introduced in 1957 with her friend Jan following a year or so later.  In addition, Jeff was offered in 1958 and marketed to retailers as "Jill and Jan's friend, or Ginny's big brother."  Vogue decided to let the buyer decide how he should be "labeled".   


Don't they make a cute couple?  

Jan and Jill could wear the same clothes.  They are the same size, 10 1/2", as Ideal's Little Miss Revlon, Horsman's Cindy, and  Cosmopolitan's Miss Ginger and all of these dolls could exchange outfits.  I remember bringing my Jan down the block with her trunk of outfits, and playing for hours with the "older girls" in the neighborhood (such a privilege to be invited).  We had fun  imagining our dolls in the exciting world of teenagers! (This was pre-Barbie).
A comparison of the body structure of Vogue's Jan and Jill. 

Jan is all hard vinyl with rooted saran hair.  She has a swivel waist, no jointed knees.

Jill is all hard plastic with a glued on saran wig.  She does not have a swivel waist but does have jointed knees.

Both came with earrings, but unfortunately Jan has lost hers.  (I think I may have taken them out and put them in one of my vinyl Ginny dolls.)

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