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Vogue Li'l Loveable Imp

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  Li'l Loveable Imp is commonly known as one of the Chubbie Toddlers of the 50s/60s era.  After the success of Vogue's Littlest Angel line, they released the Lil'l Loveable Imp line between 1964-1965.   She is the same size as Littlest Angel but she is all vinyl and does not have the jointed knees as the earlier L. Angels had.   Because these dolls were only made for a short time, they are rather hard to find today.  Li'l Loveable Imp was released in both a Caucasian, as well as an African American version and the African American version is exceptionally hard to find.  I was lucky to find this beauty in all original condition.  You can see the Vogue quality in the details of her outfit.  Her fleece furry coat is lined with the same fabric as her dress (I believe it is outfit #31160).

She has a more comical facial expression as well. 



This is the white doll with an original tagged dress (#31647) for her.   She has the blonde long straight hair style.  



Here is a close-up of a Li'l Loveable Imp with auburn Dutch cut hair style. 








This Li'l Imp has been redressed in an appropriately styled replacement outfit.


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