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"Littlest Angel"
(1970s version)

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In the last year of the 60s and throughout the 70s, Vogue marketed Littlest Angel with this face.  She came in either an 11" or 15" size.  A black version was also available.  Many of these dolls were sold with a metal doll trunk for storage.  This outfit has the Vogue Inc. tag.  I've always liked this version of Littlest Angel because they look like my oldest daughter when she was a little girl.  I remember seeing one of these dolls, while shopping, outfitted in a dressy red velveteen pants suit that reminded me of a Christmas outfit my daughter wore.  I am still mad at myself for passing it up because when I decided to go back to the antique store to purchase the doll, she was already gone.  Such is the dilemma when buying vintage, one of a kind, collectibles.  Maybe I'll find it again someday.

This doll is a 15".  Separate outfits could be purchased for them.  





A very pretty 15" in a beautifully made dotted Swiss nightgown.  Her braids are looped and fastened with rubber bands and bows.  I have not been able to find the above tagged outfit in my reference books, but I did see this tagged pink gown documented as 1969. 



Vogue Angel Baby

There is a bit of confusion on when this doll was actually released as Vogue records are sketchy from this time period .  Her head is marked 1964 and her body is marked 1975.  Reference books indicate that she was marketed between 1965-68 but she clearly has the face of the above Littlest Angel doll which wasn't released until 1969 and into the 70s.  She is the baby version of Littlest Angel and measures at 10" tall.  She has cute bent baby legs and both hands are open with fingers separated.  She is wearing an original dress which probably came with a bonnet and shoes or booties, but this is how I found this little sweetie.



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