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Lauer Toys, Inc.'s
"Water Baby Doll"

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These are an interesting and unique doll in that you fill them up with water to give volume and weight to their soft vinyl bodies.  So far I have only found these two sizes, the large approx. 13", the small is around 9".  They were made in 1990 by Lauer Toys.  I found both dolls on separate hunts.  The larger one, found first.  I'm not sure if her dress is original or not.  When I found this doll, she brought back memories of myself as a young girl in the early 60s.  My girlfriend and I used to fill plastic bags (the ones used to protect newspapers from rain) with water and then wrap them in baby blankets.  We would carry them around with us all day, feeling the weight of the water, and the softness to the touch, pretending in our fantasy world that we were really mommies.  The concept of this doll is the same, although at least she has a face!

She has a one piece hollow soft vinyl body.

There is a valve in her back where you can add cold or warm water.  She then becomes more "life-like" with the water making her feel more real. 

Both dolls have molded hair but the smaller one also has a topknot of synthetic hair that can be curled.



I found this little girl on the right on a recent hunt.  She is marked 1999.  She has a different facial expression than my 1990s doll on the left and she does not have an attached hair topknot.  I believe that her dress is probably original. 



Another recent find.  I didn't know that there was an African American version so just had to have her to add the example to my website.  This is the larger 13".  Don't know if these clothes are original.  Probably not, but they are appropriate since she looks like she has just gotten out of the bath.





Thanks to one of my site visitors, Dana, for sharing this photo of her early 90s large water baby dressed in an original outfit.  A real cutie!




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