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Hunting for the right doll or accessory is an on going process.  What is elusive to you may be sitting right on someone else's shelf, gathering dust.  The Internet is the perfect place to "look" for a needed item.  Below is a list of wanted items with the person's email for contact.   If you have an item that someone is looking for and you are willing to part with it, please contact the individual directly with details, price, etc.  This list has become very long.  To do a quick search on this page, use your browser FIND button, most likely in the "edit" drop down menu.  Insert a key word and it should take you to requested items on this list.
If you have a doll related item you have been searching for and would like to have it posted here, e-mail me (click on the wishing well) with your "wishes," along with your contact information, and I will post it to this page.  If your wish has been granted, I would appreciate a quick email and I'll remove you from the list.

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SELLERS:  This list is not for posting FOR SALE items.  If you want to check through this list to see if there is anyone who is looking for what you have, a simple way to quickly scan through the list is to use your FIND feature on your internet browser page.  Once in the FIND feature, you will be prompted to enter a key word and it will search throughout this page for any matches.  Browser pages vary, so you'll have to figure how to access your FIND.  My FIND feature is located in the drop down, under the EDIT tab.  To post items for sale, I suggest checking the Message Boards section.  For all other searches use the Google Search box below.  The search box below will not search through this specific page.

All transactions are between the buyer/seller.  I am only providing this page as a contact site,
I cannot be responsible for the actual transactions.  
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Doll Collector: looking for:

julideridder@gardewine.comOriginal Newborn Baby Shivers clothes.  Specifically the white dress or pink fleecy dress and matching underpants that say Baby Shivers on the bum.
cynthiadclement@verizon.netKenner Erica's gold mask and purple transparent shoes.
em.phillips92@yahoo.comKitty Karry-all from the late 1960s (NOT the reproduction from the early 2000s).  This was the doll seen as Cyndi's favorite doll on the Brady Bunch TV show.
hartzog@ruraltel.netKaylee doll (most likely made by Ashton Drake). She is and African American child.
blondpond8@yahoo.com1964 Chatty Beatnik Baby (working doll)
mboen@firstindustrial.comNancy Ann Style Show Doll #1502 Breath of Spring
Brat6751@comcast.netBassinet skirt for the Effanbee combination set sold in 1959. Pink and white checked skirt that tied on one end. Set was sold with My Fair Baby wearing a christening gown and Mary Jane the big sister.
toneo_w@yahoo.comI Dream of Jeannie porcelain doll by Danbury Mint.  Talking I Dream of Jeannie and Wedding Day I Dream of Jeannie by Trendmasters.  Peach Blush, Plum Puddin', and Berrykin Princess from Strawberry Shortcake by Kenner, and the last edition of Strawberry Shortcake dolls by Kenner.
FIRECRACKER2107@aol.comThe red satin/taffetta pillow with white fringe for the Susy/Suzy Goose Barbie Regal Bed (I have the bed) Mattel Babystep Doll that was advertised in Sears 1966 Wishbook, prefer mint in box or box only, (2) Mattel Cheerful Tearful prefer mint in box, (3) Mattel Cheerful Tearful Nursery, (4) Liddle Kiddle Town (5) Liddle Kiddles mint in box, and (5) any Christmas Wishbook catalogs dated 1960-1972. I will also swap dolls for these items.
jeani45@webtv.netThe original "Tiny Tears" sunsuits for the early 12" &
15"  dolls. They will have "Tiny Tears" embroidered across the front.  From the 1950's. Also need rubber legs for the 11" Effanbee "DyDee Baby". This doll is also from the 1950's and has a hard plastic head with applied rubber ears and a jointed rubber body.
heatherburley@yahoo.comMattel Baby Heather doll. Head and limbs must be firmly attached. Must be the Caucasian version and she must still talk.  Can only pay $100 plus shipping.
bossnova3@gmail.com1985 Hasbro Real Baby doll in new or as new condition
jis94@yahoo.comAn early 1970's Mattel Talk-A-Littles Toofums Doll with pull string. She's a small, fabric doll wearing a yellow print dress with lace trim and a pink hat/bonnet.  She has yellow yarn hair peeking out from the top of her bonnet,
and a single tooth.  She's the baby in the series. Says several phrases including, "I want a hamburger" and "I'm a spoiled brat."
mturner8@live.comJammie Pies doll with light green outfit with yellow dots or flowers on it.
karen4kats@yahoo.comSekiguchi Printemps Doll. They are made in Japan. They have big blueish marble glass eyes, vinyl heads, hands, and feet, with cloth body.
lndharp@comcast.net36" Companion doll (Play Pal type), possibly Princess Peggy with brunette hair and a pink dress (1950s/60s)
Vickimarbury@aol.comBaby Magic doll in working order with the wand, from the 1960s.
cpricesatbch@cfl.rr.comBlue metal stroller that goes with the Effanbee Walking Mammy Doll. It is approximately 4-5" tall.
SSCARRILLO@MCHSI.COMFranklin Mint Titanic Rose Corset outfit and Heavenly White evening dress
matarese@nep.netLittle Max doll from 1954 (Buddy of Joe Palooka)
ruadiver2000@yahoo.comSoft type angel doll bought at the Christmas Tree shop back in 1991.  It is about 12" tall made of parachute type  material with a little halo.  Sort of like a Puffalump.
sandralacours@msn.comThumbelina doll wearing a yellow sleeper from the 1960s.
jpcfmartins@yahoo.comBattery box and mixer for my Sweet Cookie doll.
pvnocca@yahoo.comMattel Baby Tender Love doll in good condition a replacement left arm for my Ashton Drake "Katie".  Also can I do this myself or do I need to enlist a professional.
ki4fio@surry.net1960 Eegee doll with the number 25-11 on the back. Must be in very good shape.
Trevino746@aol.comLeft arm for my large Ideal Patty Play Pal doll.
Toni17mar3@aol.comMadame Alexander Pussy Cat doll (#40910) Beary Sweet Pussycat. Also Dick Tracy's daughter Bonnie Braids.
debbieedwards3@yahoo.com1991 (approx.) Tyco Singing Ariel (Little Mermaid) doll. Has colorful bikini top and matching dress bottom, with shiny green fins.  Button on back to activate song and fins may change color in water.
mlpdesigns@yahoo.comBusy Timmy doll.
jayevers@charter.netIce skating outfit including ice skates for the 21" composition Sonja Henie doll made by Madame Alexander.
fit4life44@me.comDesperately looking for an African American Jammie Pies doll from Playskool from 1980s.
walshbob@netins.netHat and shoes for the 1949 Imani Avon Barbie.
walshbob@netins.netTwo Danbury Mint 4-H dolls:  They are sitting with their arms around a puppy.  One girl is white and the other is black and they are both wearing 4-H hats.
louisngisele@gmail.comThe following voice cards for W.O.W. 1986 Pamela living doll: Pamela at the Beach, Pamela Goes Shopping, Pamela at the Zoo.
rrcoon@centurytel.netThe blue bird that goes with Gregory Perillo's Bird Song doll.  Also, the sheer blue hat with small dots for Bradly doll, Shari.
dewclaw82@tampabay.rr.comValerie doll from 1963 that was available from Kellogg's Raisin Bran. 13-15 inches tall, blond hair and blue eyes. Came in red/white party dress with two extra outfits.
MSunshine_33@melodyhillexpressions.comRose Marie Wax Porcelain from the Ashton Drake/Bradford Collection approx. 1990. Her listing number was kin-8820 and she is about 18" tall with brown hair. pink and orange pants for my Ideal Giggles doll.
deb@bartshe.comRag doll that was made in the late 60s early 70s that had a beating heart inside. Don't remember name or maker. Any info appreciated.
wstoughton@comcast.netGene vintage outfit.  1950s. Shorts and halter top, any color.
hemmel@pt.luMattel cloth pull string dolls from the Roarin' 20s line. Preferably working, but if cloth condition is very good, will purchase as long as string is still intact.
Ev310snln@aol.comDoll/figurine of Criss Angel the magician
consultoms@aol.comWendy Lawton 1992 Guild doll Little Boy Blue and Barbie Doll dress forms
itztoeknee@yahoo.com1960's Honeymoon Tracy doll with green striped dress, two pigtails that poked out of the top of moon bubble helmet.
paigelindsey@bellsouth.netWooden doll available in the 1950s/60s called Polly Shorrock.  She also had clothes available.
bigliz917@yahoo.com27 inch talking Goody Two Shoes doll with the original clothing and no hair cuts that still works.
Jamie@gelfandarpe.comKatie doll (Ashton Drake, Linda Webb). She is the twin to Charlie Stymie and Petey of the Ashton Drake Little Rascals series
laur90@paulbunyan.net1964-65 Ideal Tammy's boyfriend Bud
Aim33hull@gmail.comMadame Alexander Cinderella's Carriage #13460
KKesel@sefcu.comA doll called Baby Catch a Ball
don_mcgee@verizon.netString mechanism to repair a 9" Thumbelina doll.
DCMCQUEEN@CPSEnergy.comBrand new Drowsy doll still in box.
cynthiadclement@verizon.netKenner Erica doll in good condition. No bites, broken parts, or discoloration.  No missing hair. Can be nude. Can pay up to $30 for a loose doll.
kcabaniss@cfl.rr.comBaby Bi Lo. She had a porcelain head, and soft body, arms, and legs and her eyes opened and closed.
hercules122962@msn.comMattel 1970 Tiny Swingy doll.  She came with a striped headband and she danced.
joycelynvoyles@hotmail.comOriginal outfit for my 1967 Tippy Toes doll. It is a sleeveless pink, yellow & white striped shirt and pink pants with feet in them.
mizlawrence@yahoo.comGadco ballerina outfits for Jasmine, Trixie, and Lady Luminous Takara dolls.
sarampaul@gmail.comFisher Price Bobbie doll tag #245, in perfect condition.
roxanne.volpe@finisar.comGeppeddo Bride & Groom Kissing Dolls. They are about 1 foot high.  I only really need the bride doll but since they came as a set, I would be willing to purchase the set.
wardscw757@aol.comSonja Henie doll with trunk and clothes
jeallison53@sbcglobal.netMattel 1970s Biffy Beans doll
ridgepr@bmts.comBarbara Ann Scott doll from Reliable Toys
sandyuptowngirl@yahoo.comShirley Temple box for a 16" doll.
sunkissed64@hotmail.comBaby William mini beanie dolls sold in the 70s and 80s that were sold in tiny matchbox style boxes. There were other brands but I only want Baby Williams.  Only the ones with baby faces dressed in onesies with the pom-pom hats on their heads. 
Mickeylfowler@aol.comW.O.W. Talking Mother Goose in good working order.
Rccsp@aol.com1966 Mattel Baby Secret & Drowsy doll in pink p.j.s with white polka-dots.
thejustin16@gmail.com1985 Sweet Sea doll in good condition. Shivers doll.
nitahoaglund@msn.comHolly Hobbie's friend Heather 16" cloth doll by Knickerbocker.  Tan calico dress, blue knickers, brown braids.  Prefer in "new" condition.
nitahoaglund@msn.com1970 Talk-a-Littles, 6" tall doll by Mattel.  Pull string on back. Says "I want a hamburger."
LBardf@aol.comNancy Ann Style Show doll in very good condition and in original clothing.
peckkale@yahoo.comIdeal 1965 20" Real Live Lucy doll with bottle and spinach spoon.
tamarablanchardreed@yahoo.com1950s/60s baby doll. It had a scared or timid look on its face which is the only difference between it and all the other Little Ricky type dolls out there.  Drink/wet doll.  Hard body and a vinyl head. Open/close eyes with molded hair.
crescentapbt@hotmail.comSuzy Smart doll with accessories.
flicker2754@yahoo.comSeveral pairs of hard plastic shoes for the Deluxe Reading 30" Grocery Store dolls of the 1950s/60s.  O.K. if elastic is shot, shoe bases are all I need.
mommyx4kid@yahoo.com1970s Mattel blue "Punky" Baby Beans puppet doll.
mal11@comcast.netThumbelina doll in pink p.j.s with bib and pacifier.
jsmills0505@aol.comI Love Lucy Bride doll
carolynwaldo@gmail.comCute white blouse (one that looks like a little girl's uniform blouse) that would fit a 16" doll
vailgeneral1@aol.com1965 Remco Snugglebun doll dressed in red p.j.s, with a battery operated lamp & bottle warmer.
lynnf51@yahoo.comOutfit for 16" American Character's Little Loves Doll that consists of white christening gown, panties, & booties, and cap.
peckkale@yahoo.com1960s/70s Madame Alexander 24" Pussy Cat doll with blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed in light pink organdy dress.
azgranado@gmail.comOriginal 1978 clothing for "My Baby Beth" doll by Fisher Price.  Outfit consists of a pink knit sweater, cap & booties.
pamchez1@ptd.net1973 Remco Mimi doll. She sings, "I'd like to teach the world to sing."  Must work.
pwheet@yahoo.comOriginal clothing for the Remco Baby Laugh A Lot doll made in 1970
jsmills0505@aol.comI Love Lucy Bride doll by Franklin Mint
FIRECRACKER2107@aol.comSusy/Suzy Goose Regal Bed (made for Barbie & Midge in the 1960s).  Will accept parts for the bed as I have everything but the headboard and red satin pillow with the white fringe.
dailyknd@grm.netGirl Scout doll from the 1970s that was in the Girl Scout catalog.  Looked like today's American Girl doll, long straight blond hair with bangs wearing a Junior Girl Scout uniform (original price was around $14-19)
Kim.Loucks@lbb.state.tx.usSuzy Smart doll
carolecoolman@mac.comGoody Two Shoes doll in original turquoise pinafore, amber hair in original box if possible. Want near pristine condition, will pay $100.
teresaamueller@charter.net1990 doll part:  Tonka "Hush Little Baby" part number 503083.  This is the babies bottle that has a chip in it that activates the doll's eyes and nursing sounds and giggles. Doll is model 6910.
fknox@att.net1966 Talking Biffy Bear.  Stuffed bear that said several phrases when you pulled string on back.  Wore a yellow shirt with red stripes.
hfriedrichs@gmail.com1960s Ideal Thumbelina doll in Very Good condition that works.  Moves when knob is turned on her back. 
rstufflebeam@hotmail.comLil Miss Sunny Bunch doll that was shown in the1980s Sears Wish Book (10" with dark hair)
dn1484@att.comPJ Sparklins Purple Teddy Bear from the 80s
DONALDSON6@ROADRUNNER.COMMegan Rose, vinyl doll by Yolanda Bello. Can be new or gently used.
Jim@ScubaShack.usJelly Belly doll by Mattel.  Prefer yellow one but would be interested in any color.
sshoup@dixie-net.comMeagan Rose doll in vinyl by Yolanda Bello.
cindilou18@yahoo.comSuzy Smart doll with her desk and original accessories.
AHayes@ffaemail.comOriginal 1970s Ideal Crissy, Mia, & Velvet dolls in mint condition.  Prefer in original clothes and boxes.
kfbost@gmail.com1985 Lee Middleton doll "Open Eyes". Brown hair & eyes
Mgonnella11@aol.com1971 Mattel Talk Ups doll in mint condition.  Says the phrase, "Whoops I lost my head for a moment."
jwestley@cox.net6" cloth sleepy baby from late 1950s (bought at L.L. Stearns in PA)
barbara@redearthinsurance.comGeppeddo pink ballerina porcelain collector's doll.  Dark brown hair in an updo. Not sure of name but could be Mariah.
newyork77@shaw.caSaranella doll in working condition with original pink outfit
vaughan@molalla.netComposition dolls made by Jessie Raleigh between 1916 and 1920.
masseykellie@hotmail.comAfrican American Cricket talking doll by Playmates from 1985.  She is about 25" tall, has two ponytails, talking tape mechanism in her back, and most often is wearing a pink and green striped sweater with a light green pleated skirt.
wbairds@googlemail.comPenny Play Pal doll (in the U.K. please). Height is 32"
rnmlynch@comcast.netAny Jammie Pies doll
CPDUNLAVEY@aol.comBaby Go Bye-bye and her Bumpety Buggy car
Trevino746@aol.comRubber left leg for American Character 20" Tiny Tears doll
saw220@verizon.netHair bone and original outfits for the 1960s Pebbles Flintstone doll.
darrickw@sasktel.netCaucasian leg for my Tyco Newborn Baby Shivers doll from the 80s. Mine is badly damaged.  Will consider a whole "parts" doll as well.
angarner@maxhealth.comShrinking Violet doll, early 60s.
gregandtracy@shaw.caBizzie Lizzie doll with iron & ironing board.
donna.ashworth@gmail.comSusie Smart doll.  About 35" tall, with a talking box.
Brendainhw@aol.comLittle Wishes doll by Pamela Erff for Masterpiece Gallery.  She is made of resin (about 11 pounds). Blond curly hair and a pink outfit.
marlenefloyd@ymail.comOriginal slingshot for the Hasbro "That Kid" doll. (Or will buy entire doll).
pegbender@gmail.comOriginal outfit and shoes for NOMA Electronic Doll from 1950s.  Would also like another complete doll as well.
jandvshep@localnet.com1960s American Character Toodles
cherylr1971@hotmail.comMattel Talk Ups Dolls. (instead of pulling string on their backs, you pulled their heads up away from their bodies and they would say different phrases).  Especially want redheaded Dressy Talk, but would love any version.
charyis@verizon.netLissi Baetz bald baby doll with brown eyes.  About 14" tall, from early 1990s.  Came with romper in primary colors.
caketahoe@earthlink.net1960 to 1962 terry cloth bodied Casper pull string talking doll in good condition (preferably in the box)
SeeUMuchL8R@aol.comTalking Julie doll from Worlds of Wonder 1987
natasha.zink@hp.comBucky boy doll.
K_Coursey@comcast.netKatie by Linda Webb for Ashton Drake. (She is Charlie's twin)
serpentile@mindspring.comNeed a body for my Bild Lilli head to complete my doll (or ideas for a substitute body would be welcome).
Tmc1289@aol.com1967 Horsman doll around 19 1/2 to 20" tall with green sleep eyes, red hair.  Cries when you lay her down.  Cloth body, sucks thumb, thin eyebrows.  Believe it is marked 2176 on back of neck.
simonemcburnie7@bigpond.comFlatsy dolls still in their frames.  Particularly Filly Flatsy
HMoody@cnjlaw.com1970s version of Effanbee Baby Button Nose (originally wore a white or cream pajama outfit with pink flowers)
auntling@copper.netSparkle Plenty Doll in good condition
cathie.hartsell@willis.comBarbara Ann Scott doll made by Reliable Toys
riffraffshoes1@aol.comOriginal box for the Hanna Barbera Ideal Pebbles doll that is around 12" tall.
rachelgee2@msn.comPalitoy Tippee Tumbles Doll from 1960s/70s
pumpuuptd2@yahoo.comMattel 1969 Bumpety Buggy, with or without the Baby Go Bye-bye doll.
betrosbryan@yahoo.comMattel Baby Beans puppet "Punky" doll
sams68@yahoo.comA "mama voice" mechanism that goes into the back of a cloth-bodied doll.  Doll would be able to say ma-ma when tilted back and forth.  I am refurbishing a doll for my granddaughter.
SandiLB4@aol.comUnknown named black baby doll made in the 60s:  marked Plated Moulde Inc., 1961 on back of neck.  About 19" tall. She has dark brown vinyl head and limbs and a dark cloth body.  Black hair with open/close eyes. Wore white nightgown with strip of lace down the front. May have come with a bed.
Boy version current Baby Alive doll. (I need two for both my granddaughters).
Uneeda Magic Fairy Princess doll from 1957.  All hard plastic with vinyl head, jointed at head, arms, legs, & knees. She has rooted pink hair, pink ballerina Uneeda outfit with plastic wings with little bells on the ends and little silver plastic slippers.  21" tall and spring jointed at the knees.
Jammie Pie Winkum Doll (red & yellow outfit)
An original outfit for the 12" Little Ricky doll.  White overalls with red/white striped shirt.  Name "Little Ricky" is embroidered on front of overalls.
Ideal Newborn Thumbelina doll 1967, in good to excellent condition with working pull string.
Tamu doll & Rodney Allen Rippy talking pull string dolls both by Shindana.  Must be working.
Beanie propeller (repo o.k.), for Beanie doll from Beanie & Cecil
Mr. Wish Pillow from late 1950s.  Shaped like a star and has a face.  Sold through JC Penney catalogs
Accessory items for my 1950s Ideal Toni doll:  home permanent wave solution bottles, tube of cream, and wave solution papers.
Knickerbocker Sleepy Head doll from mid-1950s. Plush body with vinyl sleepy baby face.
Nurse Nancy doll from 1960s.
Ideal 1965 Real Live Lucy doll. Or, Baby Lucy from 1967-68.
1964 Mattel Talking Scooba-Doo Beatnik doll.  Good condition and talking is a MUST.
Original clothes for my 1965 Vogue "Love Me Linda" doll (also known as Pretty As A Picture doll).  Clothing does not have to be tagged or mint.
Effanbee "Honey" made between 1949-50.  Wearing a red and white checked pinefore dress with red ric-a-rac trim, two tiny red plastic bow buttons, and white puffy sleeves. She also has an inverted straw hat with a red ribbon.  Red-brown hair (although hair color not critical).  If not the doll then even a picture of this doll would be great.
1980 Mattel Tippie Toes with red baby doll dress with white polka-dots and white ruffled panties.
Information on my Heidi Ott doll.  I believe she is from 1984, she is a sleeping baby with no name.  Medium skin tone, cloth body and painted on brown hair & eye lashes.  She wears a peach dress with white apron over it. Cream colored crocheted bonnet with ties and peach/cream crocheted booties.  She is signed w/numbers on back of neck: 57.88.34.g (3Ag).  Rare or Hard to Find? Can't find any info on her.
Twirly Bead Crissy doll
Tiny Teary Play Pen
Mattel Little Miss Singing Mermaid doll (1990s)
1969 Mattel Baby Go Bye Bye & Her Bumpety Buggy (pink buggy)
Jacket, shoes, and music box for the 1997 Paris Romance Dimitri doll from Anastasia (Galoob).
African American Dancerella from 1970.  This in the 18" doll (not Dancerina who is 24" tall).  She wears a white leotard with pink tutu and pink pointed slippers.  She has a pink plastic crown on her head that when pushed down, makes her leg lift, and she spins.
Ashton Drake Galleries "Baby Tickles" around 1995.
Sweet Sea doll by Tomy 1985. Wonder Whims doll by Marvin Glassin/Panosh Group1985 (either Seashell & Angelfish or Raindrop & Abracazebra).  Also 1982 Knickerbocker Baby Moppets Secret Nursery.
A doll that talked when you pushed a heart shaped button on her side. (from the late 50s, early 60s).  Would love to know her name or even pictures.
TYCO Newborn Magic Bottle Baby
1965 Hasbro Little Miss No Name
Any cartridge for Playmates "Jill" doll
Mattel Magic Nursery Doll in African American version.
Mr. Wish Pillow sold by J.C.Penney in the late 50s or early 60s.  Shaped like a big star with a face.
1957 Nancy the Nurse Doll
Bradley Sitting Big Eyed Doll
An original pearl necklace for my 18" Miss Revlon doll
Winema Cathay Collectiion Indian Baby Doll (23461).
Twiggy Doll (nfrb)
1964 Deluxe Reading Bonnie Bride Doll in satin dress
Mattel Living Baby Tender Love
Vogue Too Dear 23" doll.  Doesn't have to have original clothing, but must be in excellent condition.
Anything and everything associated with the following:  Jem and the Holograms (& Misfits), Rose Petal Gang, Cherry Merry Muffin, Keypers, Glofriends, She-Ra & He-Man, Wearimals, Snugglebums, Dazzeldolls, Brushaloves, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, and others from the 80s & 90s.
Ashton-Drake Disney Dreamland Baby Mickey Doll. Comes with a blanket and a small plush baby Mickey.
Is there a doll out there named "India" that is not an ethnically dressed/costumed doll?  Would like to buy one for my granddaughter who's name is India.
Head for Palitoy E 12 , Black doll. Short thick black curly hair and sideways glance sleep brown eyes.
Roothie Toothie doll pattern/kit. (Cloth doll (stuffed) with orange/red yarn hair, stripped stocking legs, dress/apron, big toothie mouth)
1984 Reliable Toy Company baby doll.  # on neck where head attaches is #436125, rubber or vinyl.  Molded hair, painted side glancing blue eyes.  Open mouth.
Baby doll from late 1950s, early 60s.  Name unknown but it was made from fabric, legs and arms were vinyl. Doll sleeps in a laying down position, blonde hair, open/close sleep eyes, with undershirt, diaper, booties, and white christening dress and came in a wicker cradle.  May be a Canadian maker as it was purchased in Canada.
Niresk Nina Ballerina Dancing doll
1964-65 Ideal Tammy's boyfriend "Bud" and friend "Patti"
PJ Sparkles Purple Bear doll.  Also referred to as Sparklins, made by Mattel in 1980's.  Doll has purple body with glow-in-the-dark starts on body.  Eyes and nose glows in the dark as well.
"That Kid" by Hasbro 1967.  Boy doll with red hair and freckles.  He had pull string talker and holds a slingshot in his hand.
Vintage doll case for the Ideal's Tiny Thumbelina
Ideal Bye Bye Baby from 1960
1965 Vogue Dream Baby.  Molded hair, soft body.
Baby doll about 8" in length, dressed in either pink or blue sleeper made by Playmates.  The name may have been "Pixie" and it had a pull string and the dolls head would move slowly to music. There was a little wisp of hair on plastic head. Late 80s, early 90s.
Original Shirley Temple shoes for 25" composition doll.  Also Reading Deluxe Baby Boo original outfit.
African American, late 90s, doll around 16-18" that had eyelashes that fluttered and wore what I remember as being a purple dress.  I think she was butterfly themed but can't remember her name.
information on how to make my Ideal Giggles doll "giggle" again
1951 Sara Lee black doll. (Dolls created by Sara Lee Creech)
Newborn Thumbelina doll, 1968-72
Shindana Mattel Talkbox Pull String "Talking Tamu"
Playmates "Cricket" doll, she talks by way of cassette tapes
Elfdoll Hana Angel/Devil
20" Thumbelina doll trunk.  My doll is from the 1960s.  An original trunk would be nice, but a nice copy would be also.
Mary Hartline collector dolls
1980s (1982) Pink Jelly Belly doll in great to good condition
Fisher Price "Bobbie" infant soft doll, 14" tall, tag #245, will gladly pay postage to Australia
Biffy Baby Beans doll by Mattel, 1970
1966 Baby Secrets doll in red outfit in excellent condition and Happy/Nappy twins from around 1964, and a John Travolta doll
Suzie Smart doll with plaid jumper, Scottish-type hat, and her school desk
1970 Kenner Crumpet Doll with complete tea set and complete original outfit
1964 Horsman Mary Poppins doll, complete in box would be preferred but o.k. if in excellent condition
Danbury Mint "Emma Grace"  Cabbage Patch Kid
A porcelain/plush baby doll that has a wind up music box that playes Brahm's Lullaby
Sara Nella doll in good condition
Dolls, information and photos of Hollywood Doll Manufacturing Co. dolls, any series (in the process of writing a reference book)
Precious Playmates Chatty Pamela, about 18" from around 2003
Mattel 1968 African American Dancerina doll
Dress and apron for Florence Niddle Little Kiddle doll
Cricket doll cassette tapes
Ashton Drake doll, blonde girl wearing a red dress and riding a carousel horse
1943-44 Madame Alexander Nave W.A.V.E. Wendy Ann
1969/70 original Mattel Baby Tender Love
Talking Jill doll from mid-to late 1980s.
ksfatemian@yahoo.comDoll from 1960s with hard plastic body, named Honey.  She had long blonde straight hair, green velvet headband, green velvet dress with lace trim, approx. 17" tall.
African American Happy and Nappy that I believe are from Sears in 1960s
Megan Rose by Yolanda Bello
Mattel Dreamland Baby made in 1994. She has violet eyes.
mizlawrence@yahoo.comMadame Alexander Leslie, African American Dancerina or outfit, Ideal Giggles, Beautiful Crissy, Velvet, and Cinnamon.  Also 1970s Malibu Christie in yellow halter swimsuit.
Moppets Secret Doll House (doll with a large skirt that hides a doll house underneath) also looking for a loose green bean bag chair that goes with this set.
I Dream of Jeannie Dream Bottle Playset
Kenner Miss Crumpet the Tea Party Doll from the 1970s, in working condition
Geppeddo Collector's Edition doll called "Jasmine".  She is a sitting fairy with brown curly hair.
Talking Mr. Ed doll
ddhervan@cox.netTeenie Friend doll named "Ebony".  There were four other dolls in the set.
Santa Mouse stuffed doll, made in the 1960s.  Looks very much like the 1980s JC Penneys version. 1960s version had a pointy nose, a lighter gray color, and not as furry.
Remco Mimi doll from 1973.  She sings "I'd like to teach the world to sing" in a few different languages.
1948-50 twin toddler dolls (boy and girl), about 14-16 inches tall, rubber bodies, composition heads with brown curly hair.  Originally sold at Western Auto or JC Penneys.
1986 Playmates "Cricket" doll in box with original clothes, tapes and accessories
Homemade Barbie doll clothes and Tiny Tears clothes, made by my mother, that were accidently sold at a yard sale or swap meet in Indiana about  5-10 years ago.  Long shot I know, but wondering if anyone bought some back then, and sees this.
Vogue Musical 12" Baby Dear, and Busy Timmy doll
Mattel Shrinking Violet doll
I Dream of Jeannie doll by Libby and Danbury Mint, Remco Playset, Samantha and/or Tabitha dolls by Ideal, Lucille Ball and/or I Love Lucy dolls, Little Ricky or Ricky, Jr. dolls
Teapot for a Crumpet doll
Battery pack cover for 1976 Baby Alive doll.
Mattel Baby Colleen from late 60s.  She had orange hair and had a pull string to make her talk.
Clothing (original or newly made) for the 20" Toni doll (1955).  (probably the American Character version on IdealJ) She has a womanly figure and high heel type feet.
Original outfit for the Little Ricky doll
Dress and shoes that went on the 1961 Madame Alexander Chatterbox doll
1962 "Thumbelina" type doll.  Had a plastic knob on back to make it move.  Body was stuffed with pink cloth covering, and a pink sleeper.  Do not remember any hair.  Don't know name, any clues?
Franklin Mint Memories of Christmas Doll House
1965 Real Live Lucy doll
Suzy Smart doll with desk, easle, and box
Kitty Karry All doll (the one Cindy had from the Brady Bunch)
Suzie Smart doll with the plaid jumper. 
Tipsey Tumble doll
The wind up knob for a 60s Ideal Thumbelina
Anatomically correct doll by artist Linda Webb for Ashton Drake, called Katie.  (She is the twin of Charlie)
Suzy Smart doll
1980 12" Effanbee Baby Button Nose doll (white version) in good condition.
The set of the Little House on the Prairie dolls
Ashton Drake Heavenly Handful Care Bear baby doll by Cheryl Hill. Must be in excellent to mint condition.
Suzy Smart doll, in any condition.
Georgie doll made by Eegee.  He has bright red hair and freckles.  He is the twin brother of Georgette.
1967 Remco Baby Crawl Along
Original 1953 Ricky Jr., doll.
Doll from Julie Good Kruger LTD edition, "Big Hug",  78/500, vinyl
Barbara Ann Scott doll (for Christmas)
Julie doll, books, clothes, & cartridges too.
Doll from mid-90s called Lil' Baby Splash 'n Shiver made by Toy Biz.  Caucasian version.
Right arm of a Nancy Lee ballerina doll made by R & B (Arranbee) in 1949
Doll called JoAnn, from 1961.  She was a playmate of Nancy.  30 inches tall, unsure of maker.
Navy Wave doll (WWII) in very good condition.
African American Mattel Baby Drowsy, pull string talking doll.  It has hair that comes out of the center of top of head, not the bowl cut like the blonde. 1966-72.
Fisher Price Puffalump Kids boy called "Greg" in blue.  Body Tag #4096. 1991-92
Sierra, a seated African American portrait doll by Pamela Erff, for MasterPiece Gallery. Do not know year.  Pale blue dress and long black wavy hair.
Black-haired Scooba Doo Beatnik doll by Mattel 1964
Nancy Ann Storybook Mermaid doll that was available at the Modern Doll Collectors Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida in Sept. 08.  Mermaid is 5 1/4" tall with pink hair.
Living Baby Tender Love doll from about 1973.  She has jointed limbs.
A BOY terry cloth doll by Eden.  They stopped making them about 7 years ago.
Teeny Tiny Tumble Baby.  Don't know maker, from about 10 years ago.
Baby Shivers
Black shoes that would fit a 12" doll.  Foot measurement is approx.:  1-3/4" long by 1" wide.  Also a peasant blouse and beret for a 12" doll would be helpful to as I am trying to make a Scottish outfit for my doll.  I've got the skirt and shawl covered.
1965 Real Live Lucy doll in original outfit
Suzy Cute doll and accessories (7" doll that when you squeeze her tummy her arms lift up). 
Beanie Boy doll in good condition with the propeller hat
Geppeddo Indian doll (she is a sitting doll with a very cute face and her thumb in her mouth)
Cecil the Sea Serpent from the Cecil and Beany series   or lrolander@eclipsenet.com1959 Madame Alexander doll "Marybel Gets Well" Its the doll that gets well.  (has crutches, cast, etc.)
Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom 3rd edition - School Angel (full set) and Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom 4th edition - Baby Julia (full set)
Jammie Pies dolls called Middy with its pal Splash. Made by Playskool between 1986-88?  This was the sailor one.
Jammie Pies "Winkum" - red and yellow with little pom-poms on feet and the Jammie Pies logo on the bottom of one foot.
728prince@comcast.netComplete outfit or individual pieces for  for my Loveable Louise (or Loveable Linda) the 24"  Deluxe Reading doll from the 1950s. 
Mattel Baby Pattaburp (around 1963)
Bottle for Darla doll (sold exclusively at Toys-R-Us)
Late 60s/early 70s Mattel Scooba-Doo doll with blonde hair.  She is a pull string talker.
1964 Bonnie Bride with original clothing (all pieces including bouquet) and working lever.
Boy doll from late 60s to early 70s dressed in dark blue top & shorts, with a white blazer coat.  Has blonde hair.  Need to know name and/or manufacturer.  Was usually only advertised in Christmas Wish Books.
Zaph doll named "Catherine" that is part of the "Fondest Memories" collection available at Wall-mart. Doll wears a rose colored taffeta dress and comes with a violin.
1960s/70s Pink (preferred) or blue Knickerbocker musical Teddy Bear that plays Brahms Lullaby
Howdy Doody doll made of wood sections, Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring doll, Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring necklace or other jewelry
Mary Hartline Outfit and Boots
1979 African American Baby Love 'n Touch Doll
1984 vinyl 22-24" soft bodied doll called Prince William Christening doll sold in the 1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog.  It was dressed in ecru lace satin dress and bonnet.  Doll had brown eyes.
1982 Jelly Belly doll by Ideal.  Yellow one in good condition.
Winky Doll from 1960
Wiggles (1960s) doll with cloth body and vinyl face and limbs.  Brownish curly hair.  She has a music box inside of her
pinkice1177@yahoo.com1991 Mattel Magic Nursery Tiny Wonders preemie, mint in unopened box.
meaghanlm@yahoo.comJessi doll from the Babysitters Club.  Made by Kenner.
kalirogers20@yahoo.com1985 Hasbro My Buddy doll with blond hair and blue eyes.  Has blue overalls with a rainbow striped shirt and red shoes.  Would like one with the hat but if not, it must have the shoes.
puddinko@webtv.netMattel 1968 or 1964 Swingy doll.  Original with box and in working condition. (under $60)
rsjjcg06@comcast.netVogue black Baby Dear and Busy Timmy or any other Eloise Wilkin dolls.
j2bnichol@hughes.netOriginal tutu and leotards for the 24" Mattel Dancerina, 1968.
dgilmour@shentel.net1951 NOMA Electronic doll. (My great-uncle invented her).
buddylovey@grics.netMattel Shrinking Violet doll, 1960s.
erin.truesdell@gmail.comRoyal Doll's Lonely Lisa. Prefer 1960s version but will take 70s version.  Any condition.
anna.kelly@internode.on.netBaby Alive by Kenner, 1976.  1982 Ideal Jelly Belly doll, blue outfit, squishy stomach with a purple punch scent.
 shannonteater@hotmail.comOriginal outfit for 24" American Character Toodles.  They were usually either yellow, pink, or blue romper but some were pretty nylon dresses.  Advance Toy & Doll Co. "Tama" doll. She is a talking doll from 1954.  She has a cloth body with vinyl arms and a record player in her chest.  Original underpants, bottle, booties, and romper for my 11 1/2" Tiny Tears from the 50s. 
sewphisticatedgma@comcast.net1965 Baby Boo doll by Deluxe Reading Corp.  Prefer one in very good to excellent condition.
dstewartb@bellsouth.net1960s Beanie Boy doll with a propeller cap in good collectible condition.
carol@justforbabygifts.comMA Pussycat white leather shoes with a little pink bow on front and an ankle strap.  Found on older Pink Party Pussycat dolls and the newer Sweet Flower Patch Pussycat. Bride doll at least 92 cm. tall hand and a mama box for an OK Kader 25" doll
levans17@yahoo.comHannah Doll from the 70s.  Several Delta Gamma chapters have one.
sarah.johnson71@verizon.netBarbara Ann Scott doll in good condition.
schockfamily@hotmail.comLittle Golden Book, "TAMMY" with paper dolls.  1963 A52, 1st edition. 
americanredcr335@bellsouth.netBelieve it was called Susie mama doll sold in Montgomery Ward catalog in 1950.  Cloth body, open mouth with teeth, blue dress and bonnet, blonde hair, and mama crier.
tibbetts@sio.midco.netMattel Little Wishes Baby made in 1990s.  Baby wears pink dress with "little wishes" printed on it.
beth.gonnella@gmail.comFrom the 80s.  A plush baby doll that has a wind up mechanism and plays Brahms's Lullaby.  Doll's body is  yellow fuzzy outfit with a white furry trimmed hood. Plastic face with painted features, blue eyes.  Only want yellow.
RHatton@powayusd.comDeluxe Reading grocery store doll "Darling Debbie" in blue tulle gown, complete.  Prefer the one with the scarce little golden coach.
daniel_js_chik@hotmail.comLil Miss Singing Mermaid made by Mattel in the late 80s/early 90s
Valerie.Burton@va.govBaby Teenie Talk from late 1960s, early 70s.  She used to say "I will go to sleep if you do."
catebrooks@cox.netSusie Smart doll
jkj9@adelphia.netVoice cards for the W.O.W. Julie doll (I have one book)
FIANNI@neo.rr.comBlue Jelly Belly doll
thelostdolls@gmail.comLonely Lisa doll  Pair of shoes that would fit 1950s Deluxe Premium Toy Company doll named "Sweet Rosemary".  Her foot is a bit bigger than the generic shoes at Michael's craft store.
llsedivy@huntel.netCollector doll named "Megan"
tjhazen@unitedwireless.comMattel Scooba-Doo doll with dark hair, in working condition
lschreier@shaw.caBeautiful cloth doll, yellow yarn hair, pink & white gingham-like dress.  She had a musical wind up knob on her back and played a lullaby.  Face was cloth and clothes/shoes were sewn on. From around 1960s-70s.
ntredbackspider@yahoo.com65 cm Kader Doll"Noma" Effanbee - Noma Electronics doll, in original clothes with talk box
bhiya30@msn.comAfrican American Ideal Giggles doll and Kenner Baby Alive
linda-renee@hotmail.comA collection of miniature antique reproduction dolls that came out with their own wood display case.  Can't remember company but it was more than 15 years ago.  Collection included a little Bye-Lo Baby, a Kestner.  There were about 6 dolls in all representing different makers.
mcateer_catherine@hotmail.comNew in the box Mattel Love 'n Touch, white
diamondk07@yahoo.comA blue purse with Raggedy Ann's face on it, made around 1960s or 1970s
anttna03@yahoo.comSusie Smart doll with chalkboard-desk
mpbrandon@gmail.com1988 African American Lil Miss Singing Mermaid doll  Jump rope for a Jumpsy doll and the car/buggy for Mattel Baby Go Bye-Bye
el_gran@hotmail.comBaby Shivers doll from the 1980s.  New/semi-new with box would be great but will consider one in working order.
psycho_tang@yahoo.com1969 or 1970 Tippy (Tipsy) Tumbles doll manufactured by Palitoy?  She had brunette hair and turned somersaults.
katbradley@cableone.netOriginal outfit for Mattel Living Baby Tender Love"Little Bo Peep" in the Geppeddo Fairy Tale Collection.
shaunwoodson@yahoo.comWiggly Water Baby, not a regular wiggly.  A baby face and at a nice price or trade. 
conniemanu@comcast.netHands for my Joan Palooka doll
sveverka@pia.eduRight leg for my Patti Play Pal doll
joanmvan@msn.comDress for Nancy Ann Mammy doll, bisque legs with white boots to replace my Nancy Ann "First Communion" doll legs, and a 10" human hair wig for a German doll.
jordannaumann@downeast.netMattel Baby Love Light dolls in good working condition (willing to trade my Mattel Teenie Talk in great condition)
shirl@worldpath.netTorso for Sandy McCall Playpal doll
glm-pcc@corlink.comSusie Smart baby doll  New motor for my Ideal Tubsy doll
Gilley3@aol.comFranklin Mint "Twiggy" clothes and trunk
ranecheck@hotmail.comBox only for Madame Alexander Red Riding Hood (#140463) from 1995 or 1996.  Box only for Madame Alexander Mary Had a Little Lamb (#14623) from 1996.  The bolt only for Madame Alexander's Cinderella's Carriage (#13460)

Violin Case with music for Judith High doll  An original outfit and pink umbrella for my 36" Mary Poppins doll  Bradley Big Eyed Doll. Any year, any size, and any condition but must have the large, round, dark eyes.
yetibob1@comcast.netVintage 40s'ish, 24" Composition Horsman Mama Doll. Blonde mohair wig, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, cloth body.
sdreiling@cbunited.comNancy the Nurse doll and Bonnie the Bride doll.  Bonnie the Bride was a vinyl 50s supermarket doll with rooted hair, pearl necklace and earrings, plastic high-heeled shoes, and a veil.
mrsbbond07@yahoo.com1985 Mattel Angel Bunny Lion (trying to find it before May 23rd)
margie_youngblood@sbcglobal.netSuzanne Original Dolls by Barbara Ferry
vbakery@cox.netTea for Three porcelain dolls by William Tung (there were three dolls that had a small table and chairs)  Surprise Hat Susie Doll made by Tyco in spring of 1995
raw4304@bigpond.comAny tapes for Playmates Cricket doll. (Prefer to purchase from someone in Australia if possible)
gennelly@comcast.net1967 or so, Ideal Newborn Thumbelina (9 inches, pull string makes her wiggle and squirm), hair color is platinum blonde.  Also a  Tiny Thumbelina (about 14") in working and mint condition.
verheyden@verizon.netOne earring for my 1959 Madame Alexander Cissette Gold Ballerina #713
cjparrish1@msn.comActivity books and outfits for World of Wonders Julie doll
jlovern@mac.comShoes, socks, and hat for a 1966 Effanbee Fluffy Girl Scout doll
mcarte41@jhmi.edu1987 Black Baby Heather by Mattel  Any tapes or books for Julie doll.
juliesorrentino@hotmail.comBaby Shivers
lpsd@empacc.netRight arm for Play Pal clone.  She is marked 35-5 and 36-5 on her arm.  Needs to be a flange insert end. Measures 16" down the backside on arm from very top to fingertips.  Geppeddo "Grace" doll
susieq2cute@yahoo.comRed-headed doll made in the 60s that when you squeezed her tummy she would scrunch her face like she was crying. If you pressed hard it would stay that way, press again, and it would return to normal.  Don't know name.  Canadian Chatty Cathy dolls. Generous price paid for right dolls
jwray7@planters.netJessi from Babysitters Club Doll Collection
shackprincess@yahoo.comIdeal Jelly Belly doll made in 1982.  Any color but prefer yellow.
rsjjcg06@comcast.netVogue Eloise Wilkin Black Baby Dear and Busy Timmy
gwilliams@vcfo.comOriginal clothes for 1953 American Character Little Ricky doll
ssolomon@wi.rr.comElfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom Doll
juliekriggs@yahoo.comOriginal outfit, bottle, and accessories for 1969 Talking Baby Tender Love, a battery cover for 1976 Mattel Baby Come Back, and original outfit, bottle, and accessories for 1974 Mattel Bless You Baby Tender Love  Remco singing Mimi doll and any additional outfits and records
nancybender@hotmail.com1985 Mattel Angel Bunny lion friend called "Cuddly King".  He's yellow with bright orange mane and end of tail.  He has golden wings, green eyes, and eyes are sort of crossed.  Velcro and end of paws so they come together.  2001 Amazing Ashley doll
jacquieburton@yahoo.caAfrican American versions of Cricket and Corky dolls  Willing to pay $200 for any Ideal Jelly Belly doll in good condition.  There were three versions and each had a squishy tummy and a scent. Pink was fruit punch, blue (boy) was grape, and yellow was gum drop.  Gerber Baby doll"Hannah" from the Geppeddo Collector's Series.  I broke my soon to be mother-in-law's doll and want to replace it.
sandisbiz@comcast.net1968 Mattel Dancerina doll in original outfit and in working order
pam121352@hotmail.comPete, Salty, and Bud from the Ideal Tammy family
pistle_7213@msn.comMattel Baby Come Back  1970 Living Baby Tender Love doll
impressionist2@hotmail.comBig toddler sized Baby Coos, circa 1948-53
debbie@csnf.comMattel pull string talkers: 1966 Baby Secret and 1966 Baby See and Say  2 or 3 Baby Feels So Real dolls from the early 90s.  Has bones and some type of gel inside.
fullhouse1713@msn.comHana Devil or Angel by Elfdoll
joygardner@citizens.coopMattel Living Baby Tender Love
LLankelis@aaamidatlantic.comShrinking Violet doll, in good shape
thatsmydoll@yahoo.comNancy Nurse doll from around 1963. It wore a nurse's outfit and had a nurse's bag
jpruna@benensoncapital.com1970 Baby Alive
sky20@rogers.comSlumber Baby Bunny doll made by Fisher Price in 1991"Jessica" doll by Geppeddo.  She is a fairy doll with red hair and green eyes.  She is seated and wears a plum and gold dress with gold sandals.  Does not have to have her box but should be in good shape.
rachaelburleson@yahoo.comLiving Baby Tender Love doll
tom1con2@ozarkmountains.comMattel Talk Ups doll, early 70s.  Pull head on string and it talks.  Says things like, "I've lost my head, and here comes my body." 
AliceS@elks.org1976 Kenner Baby Heartbeat doll
wynter_fairy@yahoo.comIdeal Little Miss Revlon with brunette hair, in nice condition
dkaiser1@mac.comMattel Talking Baby Beans in working order
dstockton@cfl.rr.comI Dream of Jeannie Play-Set by Remco 1976
pistle_7213@msn.comMattel Baby Come Back
TeresaAnthony@allstate.com1987 Galoob Dozzzy talking doll and cassette tapes.  He is an all cloth doll. Very large head.  You put a tape in him, press his hand and he talks and his eyes light up.
pgildea@msn.comPatsy Ann Brownie Doll from the 50s (possibly 1957).
lseratzki@cfl.rr.comAfrican Ideal Giggles
angelsoo@hickorytech.net1968 Baby Giggles with either black curly hair or red curly hair
pinky@triad.rr.comWhite, plain, doll trunk (case) made by Tonner for my 8" Betsy McCall doll
childressb@bellsouth.netA working Tyco Baby Shivers doll
lseratzki@cfl.rr.comA black Ideal Giggles doll (African American) doll for spare parts. Or, the disk that connects the head to the torso and a right leg.
kathyr787@gmail.comHasbro 1965 blonde Little Miss No Name with original outfit and panties
mybugmom@yahoo.comMattel Baby Go Bye Bye from early 70s.  She came with a little pink car.
AliceS@elks.orgBaby Heartbeat doll from late 70s.
madietz@mchsi.comHorsman Ruthie with red hair and a Suzy Smart with desk and pen  Doll called "Schnukums" from around 1994.  Not sure of maker but remember it had a bean bag body.
tismehi@hotmail.comTippy Tumbles, Katie Kopycat, and Tiny Tears from the 1970s
shaunwoodson@yahoo.comBaby Face dolls and a Hedda Get Betta
gdavis@mfglobal.comSuzy Smart doll
robbin@aesque.comUneeda's 1962 Miss Suzette (body must be in good condition).  also the clothes and cases too.  Also Wendy Ward dolls
janie.jett@jett-mason.comCasper the Friendly Ghost doll or a pattern to make one
relc132@adelphia.netOriginal clothes and book for Julie doll
omni101@rtconnect.netRemco "Mimi" doll.  She sings "I'd like to teach the world to sing."  Must be in working order.
teegee2562@yahoo.comOriginal Thumbelina doll with blond pigtails, high chair, and accessories  Any Jelly Belly doll by Ideal (pink, blue, or yellow).  Will pay $150 for one in good condition.
stimmer7@hotmail.comBarbara Ann Scott doll
gta@cox.netMattel Tatters doll, pull string talking doll.
sashi_tammy@hotmail.comBaby Feel So Real made in late 70s early 80s (actually looking for two)
SSams@signatureNY.comWorlds of Wonder "Julie" doll in working order
JJRD60@MSN.COMDeluxe Reading Baby Boo doll from 1965.  Must be in working order.
gebroyles@suddenlink.netPurple "Grape" Jelly Belly doll (or any other scent)
dux914@earthlink.netDancerella doll from the 70s.  She wore white outfit with some pink.  Had a pink plastic crown and kicks up her leg when you push it.  Brown hair and pink shoes.  Mattel Snow White "Prince" doll
lcaldwell@sharis.comClothing for a 36" Mary Poppins doll from the 1960s
pcash@constellagroup.comPeggy Pen Pal doll  Brunette version of 1966 Libby I Dream of Jeannie doll"Pittipin" purple Jammie Pies doll
bindyboop30@hotmail.comMattel Shrinking Violet doll from 1963
rgougeon@mts.netBattery cover for Mattel's Baby Come Back
lkruk79@msn.comUnsure of name but it was from the 80s.  Could be a firefly but not sure.  It has flowers in its hair and the "bottom" would glow.
gflakes@se.rr.comHolly Hobbie friend: Night Time Amy in her nightgown with pet in pocket from the 80s  All four of the Jelly Belly dolls made by Ideal
tweedlebug36@hotmail.comOriginal pink outfit for my 1969 213x Mattel made in Mexico Baby Tender Love doll (not the talking one)
superadoe@hotmail.comI am looking for a Desi Arnaz/Ricky Ricardo (Ken) doll from the "I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary, Lucy Is Enceinte" set by Mattel.  I prefer a loose doll for a reasonable price and because I need that specifically tailored tuxedo.
emily_valdez@jmcpa.comDon't know name but doll was from around 1986-88.  She was about 14" tall, long blond pigtails, blond bangs.  She wore red plaid skirt, white scarf, and a red and white jacket.  She was covered in some type of fabric (even her face) and had a wire core.  She had plastic faceted eyes and a painted mouth.
jmccarty@realtime-solutions.netGeppeddo Cuddle Kids, especially the butterfly ones but any of the animal ones would be wonderful
pequeno@bigpond.comA bridal pattern for my 1930s Shirley Temple made by Reliable of Canada  Ashton Drake's Jenny Lundy Amish Simple Pleasures, Special Days Collection doll "Eliza."  She comes with a rabbit or rabbits.
Zanlytodd@yahoo.com1965 Hasbro Little Miss No Name
grizwiz45@hotmail.comBarbie doll as Belle in Beauty and the Beast (she has a red velvet cape)
beersnob@yahoo.comFisher Price Lapsitter "Audrey" tag #203
misschloe@ns.sympatico.caAny tapes for Playmates Jill doll  REMCO Baby Grown a Tooth, circa 1968 and her rattle, crib, and other accessories.  Brown coat with leopard trim, leopard hat & leopard shoulder bag for 1950s Ginny doll.  Vintage Ginny doll clothes from the 1950s.  Do not need to be tagged but must be vintage.
donnakship@hotmail.comA Victorian porcelain doll in a maroon or purple dress and hat  from the William Tung collection.  I do not know the name but if anyone has information on all of the dolls in the collection please email me.
kib@uaptimberland.comKenner Baby Buddies
suelberg@hotmail.comJohn Wayne portrait baby doll.  (Danbury Mint?)
jlwelser@comcast.netBaby Grace Ingalls doll from Ashton Drake Little House collection
k2snowlovr@msn.com1987 Amazing Heather doll by Mattel in good condition (new in box if possible)
birki@insightbb.comPacifier and bottle for an early 1950s Tiny Tears  1980s monkey doll that had a half peeled banana in one hand and could suck it's thumb or toes.
cmoffitt@earthlink.netAny clothes for a 1948 Nina Ballerina
therrien.gagne@sympatico.caEden "Ducky" from around 1994-95. Small yellow squeaking duck about 5" x 5" with a lilac/white polka-dot hat and a little bow on the left side. 
Smyrlpup@msn.comOriginal stripped shirt, in good condition, for Mattel Tippee Toes doll
cwayne8@charter.net1980 Effanbee Baby Button Nose doll.  She is 12" tall, has a cloth body with soft plastic head, arms and legs.   Has molded hair and 1980 stamped on back of neck. Dressed in pink and white p.j.s with lace around the neck
paloma_1956@sbcglobal.netVoice card cassettes or books for Worlds of Wonder Julie doll
becbrock@earthlink.net1970s Kenner Crumpet doll's Tea Set and Table
njg@lisco.comBonnie Play Pal made by Ideal in 1959
rskirk@adelphia.net24" tall, all vinyl Vogue E. Wilkin Too Dear in very good condition of clothes with coordinating books and tapes for 1984 Worlds of Wonder's Teddy Ruxpin.  Also, good condition working Grubby with interlinking cord to Teddy.  UK ONLY.
tcrymes1@comcast.netCricket doll tapes
rsjjcg06@comcast.netIdeal Tubsy doll with the two molded teeth in excellent condition.  Also, 23" Vogue all vinyl E. Wilken "Too Dear" and "Busy Timmy", also in excellent condition.
Smahaffe@petrohunt.comAshton-Drake version reproduction of Little Ricky doll
pierce_publicrelations_ut@hotmail.comPumpkinhead Preemies and My Baby Pumpkin dolls from the 1980s.  They are made by H. K. City Toys.  Especially looking for the preemie from Christmas 1984 (sold at Target) with bald head, brown eyes and pink onsie w/hood.
Sloruby@comcast.net22" mama doll with hard vinyl head with molded hair,  from the late 40s or early 50s.  Maker unknown.  Doll had sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth and a felt tongue.  She had a cloth body, arms and legs are rubber.
dakotakazi@sbcglobal.netTwo pieces to the 1980s Mattel Littles yellow plastic house.  Need the red chimney and the red plastic heater.  Do not need a whole house, just these parts.
hjc1482@uncw.eduBaby Shivers (very life like and it shivers when it gets cold)
jfroelich@pwcgov.orgSusie Smart doll, any condition
lalexsnyder@yahoo.comAny color Ideal Jelly Belly doll in good condition
larnold1@verizon.netScottish Bride doll from an international collection of bride dolls from around 1959-61.  Unfortunately do not remember the name or maker of the collection.  Need the bagpipes for either Bleuette or her sister Rosette (10 5/8 and 13 7/8 respectively).  Please put BAGPIPES in subject line of email.
Tom.Rein@itt.comJust the body (do not need head) of Mattel Shrinking Violet doll.  Must be in original clothing and in good condition.
msamani99@yahoo.comBride doll named "Bonnie" by Deluxe Reading.  Sold around 1964.  She had a stand.
susan.cline@gmail.com1980 "Bobbie" doll by Fisher Price.  Body tag #245  1969 Black Crissy doll with hair to the floor.  Must have head and ponytail still wrapped in plastic. Must have box.
maz51@verizon.net15" Tiny Tears with molded hair.  Good condition.
goombaaz@msn.comUnsure of name. Doll sold at Walgreen's in 1957.  Large doll with blue hair and blue open/close eyes.
Sheri.Wilkinson@BHSALA.comVogue 1965 Dream Baby doll (need 5)
jcooke@cn2c.comGrape Jelly Belly doll from the 80s by Mattel, reasonable price
julia_cleary@yahoo.com1980s Grape Jelly Belly doll (blue outfit)
mmacoy@charter.netKitty Karry-All doll like the one Cindy Brady had on the Brady Bunch TV show.  Can be 1969 Remco or the Ashton Drake reproduction.
nedmanders@yahoo.comAny Mattel Magic Nursery dolls
johnandgayleh@hotmail.comMiss Canada doll from late 1950s  Talking card (or more) for my 1980's Pamela doll  Original clothes for my 1957 15" Ideal Shirley Temple vinyl doll.  Especially looking for Wee Willie Winky outfit.  Also want red shoes, pajamas or nightgown, a dress or two.
purplecow_403@hotmail.comMattel Baby Secret doll from around 1966 in working order. She had a red outfit, pull string talker and her mouth moves when she talks.  Interested in one with red hair but will consider a nice one with brown hair as well.
grillingmom@yahoo.comRichard Simmons doll called "Jessie Webbie"  Tippy Tumbles Doll, mint or working condition
jlynn624@yahoo.comAny set or pieces of the 1979-80s Knickerbocker Dolly Pops.  Also looking for any pieces to the Mattel "The Littles" dollhouse circa 1980.  1997-98? Galoob Rose DeWitt Bukater dolls in Boarding Costume (with big purple hat) and the Swim Dress (the pink, purple, and white gown with the "heart of the ocean" necklace).  Also seeking the Robert Tonner version of Rose DeWitt Bukater in the Boarding Costume.
mystic kitten86@yahoo.comAny 1980s Jammie Pies dolls and pets at reasonable price
morrismm1@charter.netShoes and hat for 8" Marme. This version has the red flowered skirt and red coat.  I need the red hat.
idtpc31@hotmail.comHippy Happening dress for Ideal Crissy doll
dmacall@rochester.rr.comBuddy Palooka doll from the 60s"I Cry Mama Doll" from around 1962 or 1963.  Possibly sold at Otasco (Oklahoma Tire & Supply Co.) Doll had rubberized head with cloth body, open & close eyes.  When you turned her over, then righted her, she said "mama".
 tamuwalt@yahoo.comTamu doll from the 70s
shelleychapman@cox.netAn original shiny black side snap strap right shoe for my 1950s Shirley Temple 12" doll.  Also need pair of original black shoes for 14" Madame Alexander Binnie Walker  Original clothing for 14" P-90 Ideal Toni doll
awhitteker1@cogeco.caOriginal outfit for Playmates Cricket plus 2 chairs and any cassette tapes and books
janebennett30@btinternet.comBattery Purse for Remco Tippy Tumbles  Hispanic Mattel My Child, in good played with condition
reebird@optonline.netRemco Baby Party and Baby Crawl Along from the 1960s
avvharris@hotmail.comLapsitter Baby Ann doll by Fisher-Price
barbara@stidhamlaw.comGiggles and Coos Doll made by You and Me
amazing@everestkc.netOriginal 1965 Honey Moon doll from Dick Tracy show.  Must be in very good condition with all parts.
amazing@everestkc.netBaby Whisper from late 60s, early 70s.  MUST talk, original outfit preferred.
jtaylor@indianamri.comSusie Smart doll that works and in good condition  American Girl dolls, clothing, furniture and accessories.  Wanted as toys for children to play with so any condition is acceptable provided they are useable.
mizmitzi2000@yahoo.comMadame Alexander Chatterbox doll, or Ideal Thumbelina.  In box preferred but not necessary.
c_willis@comcast.netStuffed clown, around 12",  from early 1950s (manufacturer unknown but similar to Gund).  He had short red fuzzy hair, a wooden nose that turned to make music, clown suit with ruffled collar and pom-poms down front.  Had a face similar to Clarabelle the Clown from Howdy Doody.
yo-yo@lewiston.comAn original outfit for the 1950 Betsy Wetsy doll
yo-yo@lewiston.comThe key that makes American Character "Tressy" grow.  Also an original outfit for her. Thumbelina Doll
CherylLynn.Weber@ejbrooks.comNewborn Thumbelina doll in like new condition
debbie.taylor@lycos.com1985 Mattel Angel Bunny stuffed doll.  One ear is pinned down and has angel wings on back  A list of all the Barbie "I Love Lucy" dolls in order of issue
ranrhonya@msn.comIdeal Baby Crissy pink dress and panties (lavender outfit would be o.k. too), also a 1973 original Baby Crissy box
saide85@hotmail.com1983 Worlds of Wonder Pamela doll, new in box items for either Cricket or Corky dolls (dolls, clothes, tapes, books, etc.)
djwevans@lineone.netAny tape for a Cricket doll

A Mattel Twiggy doll and a pair of blue shoes for my Ideal Goody Two Shoes doll
wlclerk@hotmail.com1970 Mattel Baby Love Light in good condition  Talking Tamu
Deborah.OReilly@newireland.ieBattery purse for the 1969 Tippy Tumbles doll made by Palitoy Ltd.  Ideal Honeymoon Doll (Dick Tracy's grandchild) complete with plastic dome on head.  Can be slightly played with.
nursemoondancer1014@verizon.netIdeal Tubsy doll
tlsav@uniontel.net1973 Fisher-Price Lapsitter Jenny in box or like new condition
nicoladeacon@talktalk.netAny tapes for Playmates talking Cricket doll
the.laubs@sympatico.caBattat small doll stroller and playpen (both approx. sizes 12 1/2" height by 8" length) Also vintage 1970s Playmate hard plastic doll crib (size:  9" x 4"), must be in good to excellent condition  2002 Coca-Cola Gene Doll - Calendar Girl: That Something Extra Gene Doll and also a Coca-Cola Navy Wave doll  1981 Bobby doll.  Chatterbox and tape for Cricket and Corky dolls. (also need to know if Jill had one to talk to her brothers/sisters?)  Talking Tamu doll from 1970s  baby doll with pink magic wand with magnet to close eyes. (she also drinks from a bottle and wets.  Had blond hair and an on/off switch on her back)  Wand made her eyes open/close.  Don't remember her name.
rskirk@adelphia.net23" Vogue all vinyl Too Dear doll in excellent condition  Deluxe Reading 1965 Baby Boo Doll  must be in great condition and working.  Preferably with her pacifier.  (does not need to be originally dressed as I have her outfit)
j1m2@optonline.netW.O.W. Talking Mother Goose and Hector books/tape sets and connector cord  Baby Tender Love doll by Mattel
MVicknair@cimarex.com1960-64 Ideal Saucy Walker doll, pixie haircut, platinum blond
Terry917@webtv.net1950s Ginger type doll (10 1/2") and/or clothes
flossin4smiles@all2easy.netVinyl version of Megan Rose by Ashton Drake Galleries.
Sjames@Rivierabch.comSusie Smart doll
bbarbosa@tmlp.coma working Susie Smart doll  Jammie Pies doll
raymond.cooper@sympatico.caTitanic Franklin Mint doll:  Rose doll with trunk, safe, and outfits
suzannemiles38@hotmail.comCricket Playmates Talking Doll from 1985 in working order
helen.walker5@bigpond.comIdeal Thumbelina doll from 1969 (wind up mechanism on her back), The Coca-Cola brand Heirloom Collector Doll
tab_spry@yahoo.comPlayskool Jammie Pies doll in blue bunny suit  Mattel Tiny Baby Pattiburp that is about 14" tall
AuntyM22@Comcast.netOriginal black shoes/boots and white socks for Poor Pitiful Pearl by Brookglad Creations
Professor1960@msn.comDoll called Bobby or My Bobby from around 1986 or 87.
 gnuways@hotmail.comBlack vinyl shoes for the original Ideal Patti Playpal from 1959.
Timothy_C_Dooley@raytheon.comA working Talking Tatters doll by Mattel, circa 1964 (or the working talk box)  21" musical Ideal Thumbelina (1950s-60s)  12" (small version) Vogue Baby Dear doll from 1960s (hoping to find before Christmas)
iggy_paul@hotmail.comJewels Doll:  doll had curly brown or red hair with large jewels attached to their bellies.  The dolls were worn around the neck as a necklace or arm as a bracelet
doxieegirl@msn.comLenci Italy Village Pan Doll with Flute  Hasbro Baby All Gone doll  Shindana Baby Nancy, 1968
robbin@aesque.com1961 Ideal Carol Brent (aka Liz), AC Tressy case, and original outfit for Ideal's Patti (Tammy family).  Baby Snugglebun and Her Playall 6, made late 1960s"Little Ryan" the Catapiller Collector Doll
starlite111@peoplepc.com1969 Baby Tender Love, pink outfit (not the talking one)  Ashton Drake re-issue Kitty Karry All (any condition)
Ideal grow hair "Tressy" (not Amer. Character)
Any MOD era Barbies (no green on faces and paint intact)  Cassette tape for my Playmates Jill doll 1987.
jtrickel@charter.netPattern for knitting a 13" Heidi doll.  (Dress, body and shoes are knit in one piece.)  Lost my pattern. Drake Miniature Collection porcelain limited edition "Hannah" doll sold in 2004
Jackismith3@peoplepc.com1968 Dancerina doll or 70s Dancerella (must work)  Jammie Pies doll in white bunny suit
karleenheller 5@hotmail.comBlond-haired Mattel Baby Love Notes doll (in pink)
st-nex-gen@msn.comBizzie Lizzie power pack and any other accessories like the ironing board, duster, iron, etc.
saskew@prodigy.netEffanbee Talking Doll by NOMA, early 50s
eleana_m_diaz@yahoo.comP.J. Sparkles' Bunny Rabbit of any color.
skyelin@msn.comAll Anastasia dolls by Galoob, the fashion outfits and extra shoes and pieces.  Also, the Paris playset and little PVC characters from the movie.
jim_cthompson@elltel.netOutfit for Little Miss Revlon doll called "Beatnik" #9430
jlieblein@earthlink.netDolls made by Nicole 1970s...San Francisco
dillardcarol@yahoo.com1980s Mattel Grape Jelly Belly doll.  Terry cloth body, scented to match color.  Filled with a squishy material.  Someone who can give my 1964 Little Miss No Name a hair replacement, NOT a wig
handdalvarez@hotmail.comArranbee's Littlest Angel "Surprise Doll" from 1950s.  Hard plastic, blonde hair, wears red overalls, with short sleeve green shirt.  Original came with a Wonder Book of the same name.  Titanic Franklin Mint doll:  Rose doll, trunk, safe, and outfits  From Ashton Drake's Little House series I specifically need Ma, Pa, and Baby Grace.
siriuseden@bellsouth.netMattel's Thumbelina from the Classic Collection made in '97-'98.  She is battery operated.  Brunette Caucasian version, brown eyes,  in the purple romper/headband with pink bottle and soft body.  Desire new mint condition but will consider any.
superdisneyfan@sbcglobal.net3 Ashton Drake dolls, issued around 2001:  Lemon Drop doll by Georgetown Artist Edition, A Hug for Mickey doll and A Moment With Minnie doll.  13" Happy Birthday Patsy Doll by Effanbee, made in 1991.  Model #V999B. She wears a green and white polka-dot dress and hat.
marysue123@hotmail.comEffanbee "Betty Lee" made only in 1924 and sold through the Sears Catalog.  She is 21" tall, has a mohair wig and a crier.  Also, a 1950s, Noma Electronic Talking Doll (Effanbee) with the talking mechanism working or in repairable order.  Or, someone who knows how to repair these.  Mattel Baby Pattaburp
frizzyfiona@ntlworld.comRosebud Mattel Chatty Cathy doll in original outfit.  Made in England in the 1960s
CLWentworth@lbl.govA recent Tiny Tears doll made by Ashton Drake this past year (original one made in 2003).  I'm looking for the Tiny Tears in the party dress.
chrisv2@charter.netNeed a Drowsy doll (one that has never been used).  Need by Nov. 2006  Playmates Cricket doll tapes:  Around the World, Cricket Goes Camping, Holiday Fun with Cricket
awdraper@etcmail.comPorcelain Sleeping Beauty doll named "Megan"  Hasbro (Judith Turner) African American Real Baby (1984-85).  Any facial expression but prefer the sleeping one.  Shrinking Violet doll
robbin@aesque.com1965 Ideal Goody Two Shoes doll in original outfit with both pairs of shoes.  A Real Live Lucy doll in original outfit.  No haircuts or stains on either doll and must be in working order.
frizzyfiona@ntlworld.comChoosie Susie doll, (made in England) preferably in original outfit with her accessories.  She is the doll that turns her head away when you offer her greens on a spoon.  (She is the same as the Ideal Real Live Lucy)  Original outfit for 1967 Newborn Thumbelina  1965 Baby Boo  Any Cricket accessories, tapes, books, clothes or shoes  Mint On Card Sea Wees Mermaid dolls from Kenner ca. 1979/80s.  MOC sets or minty loose sets with no missing paint, discolorations or damage.  Will buy or trade.
elsee72@hotmail.comCricket Talking doll cassette tapes: "Holiday Fun with Cricket" and "Around the World with Cricket", the Cricket book:  "Cooking with Cricket"
button.lady@comcast.netWhite spats for my Uneeda (Walt Disney commissioned) "Pollyana" doll.   Have the shoes.  Also #1 1959 Barbie with black ponytail (need the head only)
lford-everett@bellnet.caSara-nella (?), Laughs/cries, has a battery pack in back.  Possibly Italian made.  Laughs or cries when you tap her on the back.  Took "C" batteries.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, soft cloth body, vinyl hands/legs.   From around 1969-72.  May have a pink pinafore.  Any Jammie Pies dolls  Little House dolls
Susienmo@aol.comCassette tapes for the Playmates "Jill" doll
tere@nycap.rr.com1970s doll with a big head, small body.  Eyes change color when you pull a string (Blythe)
Backroadrunner@webtv.netSet of clothes for Ricky Jr. doll, consists of green, white, and yellow pinafore or jumper shorts with white shirt with peter pan type collar with his name embroidered on it.
the_doles@yahoo.com1981 Fisher Price "Bobbie" doll, #245
jackiesaner@hotmail.comOriginal clothing for the 1950s Ideal 14" Toni (doll marked P-90).  Original box, dress, shoes, socks, and Toni "permanent wave" kit.
jlhalford@earthlink.net1963 Mattel talking "Shrinking Violet" in excellent shape.  Eyes and mouth must still work and she must still talk.
Apack46@yahoo.com1990s Porcelain 15" Hamilton Collection "Darla" from the Our Gang Little Rascals 
skrn@cox.net1966 Topper Baby Magic.  She has a a magic thimble (magnetic) that opens and closes her eyes.  (Do not want the 1968 Tiny Baby Magic)
MOLLYP@weblaundry.comRed & white baby doll romper to fit a 1950s Ginnette-sized doll (8"). It came with white satin angel robe, felt wings, and a golden halo.  We referred to the soft rubber doll as "littlest angel"  Joan Palooka doll made in early 50s
mrkeyboard27@aol.comOriginal black Ideal Thumbelina, 19" or 20"
PPPPPP0000@aol.comKenner Baby Buddies in good condition  Mattel dolls: Dancerina, Timey Tell with watch, and Tippee Toes.  With or without accessories.  Geppeddo doll called Princess and the Frog or Frog Princess.  She is tall with red hair, tall peaked hat, long green velvet dress and she was holding a little frog on a pillow.  Battery cover for Mother Goose, also any of the tapes or books that go with her, or Mickey Mouse/Snoopy or Teddy Ruxpin
fashionflair850@yahoo.comCricket books and tapes, also the original box  "Little Ones" Heidi Ott dolls, about 12" tall but some are smaller
lilegly@yahoo.comJammie Pies doll  Talking Mother Goose from W.O.W.
jkuzub@snet.netOriginal Little Ricky doll from 1953.  Should have American Character written on the back of his neck
tldmld@insightbb.comBaby Grow A Tooth
bsutlovich@optonline.netPull string "talking condition" Drowsy doll in minimum, very good condition
chevy7210@lorettotel.netA doll named Brandy with red hair and brown eyes  Ideal Smokey the Bear doll from 1962-65  JEM doll items:  Aja belt and shoes, Kimber socks, Jerrica sunglasses and hat, Shana shoes, Raya everything (an extra doll would be nice too).  Rio both shirts and all accessories, Roxy belt, Jetta black glitter stand and leg holder, Stormer flower for hair and an extra doll.  Need stands with leg holders for any of the dolls.
joedsh@verizon.net1970-1980 Jelly Belly doll
nchipner@cox.netLissi Batz GMBH doll Sina, 1995 Doll & Teddy Bear Convention doll.  Green eyes, red braids, with ribbons and a headband.  She wears a striped skirt with blue pullover top.  Carries a rolled up cloth in her right hand
lpruittmhs@yahoo.com1960s Ideal Pebbles Flintstone with the soft body.  Prefer one with original clothes and bone but o.k. if missing  Big doll like the Patty Play Pal type and accessories for the 1986Cricket talking doll
RickandJean77@msn.comBrown shoes and socks for my Effanbee 9" Fluffy Brownie doll.  Original or reproduction o.k.
riesfarm@msn.comIdeal Tubsy doll in great shape, molded teeth, cover-up, would love in box
leighton@castles.comRCA Radiotron doll made by Cameo, any felt doll made in Italy by Creazioni Gipi and Bucherer dolls of all types
princess_purple@insightbb.comDanbury Mint 2003 Crissy and/or Black Crissy (any issue) with green lace dress and matching shoes
afessler@tampabay.rr.comDanbury Mint "I Dream of Jeannie" Doll  Kevin doll.  Do not know maker.  Most likely from Ashton Drake, Madame Alexander, Bradford Exchange, Danbury Mint, Franklin Mint, Harlequin Galleries or Paradise Galleries.  Late 80s, early 90s.  He was a little blond boy holding his hands out, covered in dirt. Caption something like, "But mommy I did wash my hands."  Poor Pitiful Pearl
David@monroe-tech.comMint condition Radiotron doll
orcajessie@taconic.net1985 Tomy Sweet Sea mermaid doll. Ann Scott doll wearing a red dress
cricket900@comcast.netAll six Playskool Jammie Pies dolls. Three girls each with pets, and three boys with pets from 1986  Mattel Baby Heather doll from 1967
tclarno@comcast.netAny or all three of the Slumber Babies made by Fisher-Price in the early 1990s.
ireid@dickey-john.comAny jointed, segmented animals or characters made in the 1920s-30s by the Twistum or Atascadero Toy Co.  Ideal Baby Crissy Doll, either year and in any condition.
butterflybabe1966@hotmail.comOriginal 1930s shoes and socks for the 18" Shirley Temple doll.
rrandtj2006@webtv.netTalking Cricket tapes with these titles:  Cricket's Special Surprise, Cricket Visits China, Cricket Visits Australia, Cricket Visits the Circus, and Cricket's Favorite Games.
Sorgatz.Marjorie@mayo.eduNancy Nurse doll made by Deluxe Reading 1957.  She wears nurse's uniform, blue cape, white stockings, & white shoes.  Had some nursing accessories.
doll.sarasayles@msn.comNina Ballerina doll
KandJDreams@knology.netGeppeddo doll named Hannah.  She has white dress, blonde hair, blue eyes, and purple bows in her hair.
cherokeekittykat@yahoo.com1967 or 68 Mattel Swingy doll in working order.  Would like record that went with her as well, but not necessary.
sunburns@cyberbeach.netMattel Scooba Doo beatnik doll, 1964 in working order and good shape, either blond or brunette
jmoss@palmettobank.comDesk and chalkboard for "Susie Smart" (have the doll, now need accessories)
debbie.hebert@comcast.net1960 36" Vogue Ginny (play pal type) with short blond hair
burnselb5@msn.com1959 Bonnie Play Pal
rskirk@adelphia.netVogue black Baby Dear in nice condition, 24" and 17" Too Dear (all vinyl), and the Baby Dear with the original top-knot hair."Baby Catch a Ball" from the 1960s
shelleychapman@cox.netA pair of off white MA shoes to fit a vintage Elise bride doll, earrings and ring for a 1963 Cissette by MA, and an original hat for a painted lash Ginny "Gretel"  Lee Middleton doll, "Little Angel Boy"  "Andrew".  A firefly lights up in his hand, and his eyebrows move up and down.
lisacshultz@verizon.net18" vinyl Vogue doll from 1964.
kathryn_d_80910@yahoo.com12" Baby Dear Doll.  Prefer Ashton Drake remake, but will consider all in mint condition
howieandbert@hotmail.comFisher Price "Honey" lapsitter doll.  Tagged #208 from around 1975.  Prefer still in box, but gently used is o.k.
rrandtj2006@webtv.netAny cassette tapes for the talking Cricket doll by Playmates (1980s)  Ideal "Velvet" from Crissy Family.  1970 version with purple dress and purple shoes.  Must be mint factory wrapped in plastic with sideburn curlers and bobby pins in place.  Box and paperwork would be a plus but not important. All Gone doll with spoon and jar of "food"
marionlw@comcast.netMexican doll named "Maria".  She is in a sitting position, long black hair, and has an ankle bracelet
DDIP@nyc.rr.comJulie Good-Kruger "Prudence" doll #25
kwmsnoopy@cox.net1970 Mattel Baby Love Light doll in clean working condition
hardrock62@prtcnet.com1955 Little Red Riding Hood made by Deluxe Reading.  She had long blond braids and blue sleep eyes.
tiamonahan3@hotmail.comAny Jammie Pies dolls
tweety42@icubed.comWorking mechanism for the 14" Ideal 1962 Tiny Thumbelina doll  Ideal "Giggles"  "Megan Rose" by Yolanda Bello of Ashton Drake Studios.  Looking for vinyl version.  Worlds of Wonder Book & Tape for Talking Mother Goose entitled "The Golden Touch"
digudowicz@hotmail.comMattel Talking King Kong doll (he was blue and had Bobbie Bond on his shoulder, based on cartoon character on ABC Saturday morning cartoons in 1966)

Laura Ingalls-Wilder doll family
bblack2@cogeco.caOriginal Barbara Ann Scott doll  African American Geppeddo brand doll called "Grace".  Grace kneels on her knees as she prays.  She wears a beautiful pink and off-white pajama set.  Fisher Price Honey Doll, prefer in box but will consider like new, out of box  Joan Palooka doll made in 1952 or 1953 by Ideal, Ham Fisher.  Mint or Mint in Box Betsy McCall dolls.  Larger 14" or 20" only, no 8"  Accessories and clothing for all JEM dolls  Ashton Drake version of Peter Play Pal, Mint and NRFB
dchernicky@cs.comMattel Baby Tenderlove from 1974-76.  She had a pink nightgown with white panties.  Looking for blond version.  Prefer MIB or close.
cty69649@centurytel.net1964 African American version of Mattel pull string talker Drowsy Doll.  Must work.
asaniat@yahoo.com1981 Gatabox "Cooky Box" dolls. (Chocolate Chip, Rainbow Winks, Jellie Swirl, Fudge Stripe, and Fortune Cooky). do not need Frosty Spice.
glynlane@charter.netHead for a P-90 Toni Doll.  Does not need to be perfect but in reasonable condition
cfprobinso@msn.com2001 African American Barbie in aqua dress  Puppertina, 1963
Persus999@hotmail.comDanbury Mint porcelain "Ideal Crissy" reproduction made in 2003
derwin@acmhospital.comAccessories for Deluxe Reading "Baby Magic" doll
rpensgard@socket.net16" Hasbro/Romper Room from around 1973, "Sweet Dreams Anabelle" rag doll.  Pink gingham body with yellow yarn hair, and covered button nose
tsgray@charter.netMint Ideal "Purple Punch" Jelly Belly doll  Geppeddo Blue Fairy doll
mandkrao@tampabay.rr.comWhite with red trim blouse that goes with the black and white checked jumper that Ginger wore in the late 1950s
cindyjo48@hotmail.comMattel Baby Secret from 60s.  She had a red cloth p.j. body, red hair and freckles, and a pull string.  She would whisper secrets.
karennel@charter.netClothes and shoes for a 1960s era Deluxe Reading Fashion Doll. Must be in very good condition
Loebs5@msn.com1950s Humpty Dumpty doll (at least 12-15")  Had large plastic smiling face with a cloth plaid body.
aldloniak@csonline.net1967 Ideal Giggles Doll. (not the baby).  When arms are pulled together she giggles and something inside her gives the illusion that she is truly laughing.  Any of the 12 talking tapes for Worlds of Wonder Talking Mother Goose and Hector  1968 Mattel Dancerina Doll with original outfit  Doll from the 20th Century Fox presentation of Anastasia (not the porcelain dolls). She wears a yellow dress with a purple sash on top of dress.  Wears a crown.  She has reddish brown hair, blue eyes.  Dress is similar to one at end of movie.
rskirk@adelphia.netBlack Vogue Baby Dear and the 17" and 20" Too Dear  Shirley Temple, Sunday Best
WANDAATGEICO@msn.comLaura Ingalls doll, either alone or as a set, along with the rest of the group from the Little House on the Prairie show
rwignall@alservices.comBaby Surprise made by Mattel in late 80s, early 90s.  She had a cloth pouch that when dissolved in water, would reveal the baby's gender and registration name card, along with a gender matching outfit.
sandym147@yahoo.comInfant doll with china head, sleep eyes, painted hair, rubber body, and mama mechanism
b.c.brophy@comcast.netOriginal pearl necklace that came with the 1950's 12" Ideal Shirley Temple doll.  Also, original gloves and script pin for the 1950's 19" Shirley Temple, New York City edition.  Mint condition "Clarissa in Vogue" doll by Franklin Mint.  She may be one of the Gibson Girls but not sure.  Dressed in a long red gown with a matching "picture hat" (very large hat with a swoop in front).
holsberry1@msn.comFezziwig dolls (husband and wife) and Mr. Brumsky, both by Valerie Bunting.
dlfuller@direcway.comFisher Price Baby Beth #209, in original pink sweater, booties, and hat.  Not sure of name but doll was from 1960s.  She had soft body, sleep eyes,  with orange hair and a music box inside.  Her arms were raise like a real baby does when they are sleeping.  
bcourtney@verizon.netLaura Ingalls and Carrie Ingalls Knickerbocker dolls
slf@adelphia.netGeppeddo "Mackenzie" (one of the collector's series).  She has strawberry blonde curly long hair and an exquisite medium green dress with a cream lace overlay.  She is holding a Geppeddo teddy toy.
partyd867@yahoo.comBattery cover and cassette tape for a Playmates doll.  Also, need Ideal Bye-Bye Baby.
conniejdunivan@msn.comSusie Smart doll.  She has a desk and a chalkboard.  She also has a recording in her chest and moveable eyes.
heatherburley@yahoo.comTapes and extra clothing for Playmates Jill. Also originals for Mattel Baby Heather and Playmates Amazing Ashley.  Need all tapes for Playmates Corky.
dreynolds70@houston.rr.com1973 Kenner Baby Alive doll in good working order
pcyphers48@hotmail.comTamu, a pull string, talking black doll from early 1970s.  Heidi Ott white doll Krabble Baby  Mattel 1987 Baby Heather
mjfiner@rogers.comCloth doll (do not know name, there are no tags).  She is 12" with blue/white striped bonnet type hat, yellow hair in two braids, blue/brown checked dress, white arms and legs, pink hands and feet. Light green ribbon around her elbows.  Gift in 1998.  Doll was loved until she fell apart.   
carolmeeker1@hotmail.comA boy doll that can fit 24 mo. old real boy overalls  Baby Feels So Real.  A heavy doll that had a soft spot on its head, and soft skin that felt like it had real bones inside.
kfoxx@stratoinc.comNever opened "Magic Nursery Doll" by Mattel
CHRISGDMA@peoplepc.comMattel Talk-A-Little dolls from 1970s.  Cloth doll (her name was Sassie) with red/orange hair and freckles.  Has a pull string in back for talking.  Says things like, "My smile is stuck", and "I'm very bright."
josette376@adelphia.netSusie Smart doll
srecupito@comcast.netMint in box 1974-75 Fisher Price lapsitter "Joey" doll #205
j_kwadsworth@yahoo.com14" replacement left arms for two Patti Play Pal type dolls
tlene@optilink.usNoma Electronic Talkings Doll by Effanbee (50s)
petsandhollmanns@msn.com1998 or 1999 Madame Alexander dollhouse of Wizard of Oz  "There's No Place Like Home". Must be mint
peggysue76@msn.com1960s Susie Smart doll.  She had blonde hair and desk and chalkboard suitable for a Ginnette doll
Kim_81@msn.comCricket (1986 Corky's sister) with clothes, tapes, and storybooks
jcw@desert-troon.comSpanish speaking version of 1960s Mattel Drowsy doll.  Had dark hair, fair complexion, pink/white polka-dot p.j.s with pull string
dbjcompany@mac.comNice condition Baby Go Bye Bye with her car  Cecil the Sea Serpent hand puppet doll that had disguises you could dress him up in. 
adrigirl33@yahoo.comMattel "Newborn Love 'n Touch".  Caucasian in yellow outfit.
SMACLELLAN@PARTNERS.ORGPeggy Pen Pal doll.  Had a desk and pen for child, as well as the doll had a desk and pen.  When you write, the doll writes same thing.
ckosco@earthlink.net1964 Timey Tell doll by Mattel.  Mint with original box, clothes, watch, and accessories.  Must work.
amoverit@msn.comKatrina doll from 1960s.  Had long brown hair, foam rubber body, and wires inside so she could be posed.
selesny@JFMD.orgThe optional clothing that you could send away for, for the 1974 Fisher Price lapsitter "Joey" #205 doll.  Prefer overalls with hat, but interested in any item.
angelsatmyside@comcast.net50s or 60s doll called "Knish".  He had a mop head and huge bulbous nose.
jojocarr2@sbcglobal.netArms and legs for Patti Playpal doll  Need the dress with "Patti Playpal" on the pocket for the Ashton Drake version.
teri@merr.comNeed Betty and Reggie of the Archie Comics Hamilton gift dolls, to complete my set.
sconetjs@rangebroadband.com1983 Bunny Beans by Mattel (Pink)
slippln40@aol.comBaby doll made by Playmates in early 90s.  Soft body, plastic head (bald), arms and legs.  Blue eyes, came in either a blue or yellow dress with matching bonnet.  Tag on bottom that says "Hong Kong".  Clothes for my 1950s Ideal 18" Toni doll. Original or reproductions clothes are fine.  Mattel Shrinking Violet Doll from the 60s, in good condition  Original Baby Alive Doll  Playmate Cricket's original outfit, chair, pink sneakers and tapes.  Also any ethnic Precious Moments dolls 
usfoleys@bellsouth.netOriginal dress, shoes, socks, name pin, and wristwatch for 36" Shirley Temple doll made in 1957 by Ideal
ekronenbur@digital-link.netLaura Ingles doll, or any other dolls from the Little House on the Prairie.
blu_gurl_07@yahoo.com1990s Tyco Newborn Magic Bottle Baby
cbpickrel@collinscom.netJulie Good Kruger "Holy Night Nativity Set".  The dolls are all children.  I am specifically seeking the 2nd and 3rd king, both shepherds, and whatever pieces were made to go with the set. Have the Holy Family, 1st king, and angel already. 
cbpickrel@collinscom.netPatooty Clown from early 60s-early 70s.  Red cloth body.  When you pulled his string he says "My name's Patooty."
neilmeltx@charter.netClown Doll with Chain Mouth from the 1970s (Horsman?)  Had a plush body, but vinyl hands and a hard plastic face.  His eyes and cheeks moved when you pulled his head up, and his chain mouth formed into a cute little smile.
chapin@pennswoods.netClothing and cassettes for Talking Jill by Playmates
wearehis@valornet.comAll of P.J. Sparkles' pets: a bunny, puppy, and kitty  Cricket doll tapes and clothes
jbprn@comcast.netDanbury Mint 2003 Reproduction of Ideal's 1970 Crissy Doll
npbc@verizon.netBaby Grow A Tooth battery pack purse for Tippee Tumbles doll
twogreeneyes@frontiernet.net1968 Mattel pull string talking Grandma doll  Mdvanii high fashion doll by Billy Boy.  Basic dress up doll wearing only her girdle, but will consider full dressed dolls as well.  Buy or trade.
Pam_Swan_CTSvcs@bellsouth.netPink dress for early 50s 21" jointed American Character, auburn haired, "Toodles"  I have the bonnet, need the dress, shoes, socks, and any other accessories.  Hamilton Collection "Little Rascals Darla & Pete the Pup"  Original outfit for Madame Alexander's Kathy Cry Baby.  Or, original box and documentation tags, etc.
ekstrum@hotmail.comHands for Fisher Price Baby Ann.  The hands of the other Fisher Price lap-sitters would probably work.
janet.giuliano@att.netBaby Grow A Tooth from early 70s.  Doll has red hair.  When you put a spoon in her mouth a tooth would appear. The tooth would disappear when you put a bottle in her mouth.  Must be in working order in very good condition.
STARLETTE1974@peoplepc.comMoppets Secret Doll House.  A little blonde haired girl with a long skirt that hides her round home underneath.  Replacement wig for a 1957  "Elise" Ballerina by Madame Alexander.  she is on page 176 of the Madame Alexander book by Patricia Smith
deboji@buckeye-express.comBaby Feel So Real from the 1980s.  Has gel insides and bone structure."Michele" baby doll, soft bodied, vinyl arms and legs, made by Pedigree (UK) around 1969
llanctot@austin.rr.comBaby Blue Boy Doll from Eden Toys.  Terry cloth doll with overall straps that were separate from the doll (you could put your fingers through them)."Wedding in New York" and "Wedding in Rome" from the Ashton Drake Love Makes the World Go Around Series
plumfair@hotmail.comVinyl doll made in the 1950s called Heartbeat Doll.  Do not know who made it.  It had white and red dress, brunette hair.  1979 Stephanie by Playmates  Clothing, including shoes, for a 1960s era Deluxe Reading Beauty Parlour doll.  Must be in very good condition.
painters@tznet.comAny Anastasia Animated Movie Barbie type dolls from 1997-98
couture@maui.net1990s Navajo doll, approx. 19" tall, wearing blanket, high-topped moccasins, jewelry  W.O.W. Talking Mother Goose whose mouth and eyes move, with all 12 tapes.
italiannonny@comcast.net1950s Noma Electronic Talking doll by Effanbee
mysticgodfrey@yahoo.comDon't know name of doll but believe it was made around 1989.  When you pull her right arm up her hair gets short but when you pull it back down the hair grows again. There were a series of these. One had green hair and a green dress.
gamkhansen@iw.netVogue Littlest Angel Doll w/box.  Mint condition.  Black braided hair.  Daisy Dolls and outfits by Mary Quant  Blythe Doll by Kenner.  From the 1970s. Very large head for body.  Large eyes change to 4 different  colors when string is pulled.
superman1_18@msn.comBlack talking doll like Louis Armstrong or any famous black dolls that talks, sings or plays music.  Pantaloons and spats for the 32" Uneeda Pollyana Doll from the 1960s. Would even like a pattern to make these pieces if one is available.  Hasbro "Sweet Dreams Annabelle" cloth rag doll from 1970s.  She had yellow yarn hair with a cloth colored button nose.  She wore a pink/white dress and a ruffled white cap.  Talking Cricket and Corky Dolls
steugirl@surewest.net1970s Peggy Pen Pal
dbcm_neal@insightbb.comMattel's Velvet Touch Tender Love
jklmpete@hotmail.com20" black Thumbelina Doll, made by Mattel around mid-1990s.  She had a color blocked pastel outfit on and had a headband and rattle that would light up.  Barbara Ann Scott Doll, composition, made by Reliable Toy Co.  African American version of Mattel Newborn Baby Love 'n Touch
rskirk@adelphia.netVogue Baby Dear Too Dear, all vinyl, about 20".  Plus any of the other Baby Dears including the black Baby Dear.  Living Baby Tenderlove.  This is the one with the jointed arms and legs.
bkimball@wgposters.comComplete Dancerina doll's  ballerina outfit with shoes from 1968.  Also the top part of the plastic crown.
supermanville45@hotmail.comMattel Baby Love Light, 1970
bmariesingz4u@aol.comRaggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy set of dolls from the 1980s.  Prefer ones in original boxes
luckwithlance@aol.com1960s Beany Boy doll from Beany & Cecil, made by Mattel  1968 Mattel Black Dancerina Doll (large 24" ballerina)
mar_teb@hotmail.com1960s Susie Smart Doll (the one that has to do with school)
kid@internode.on.netCricket and Corky Chatterbox.  This works with the "Lets Play Together" tape.  Allows them to interact with each other.
linfin2004@sbcglobal.netDoll named Annette, from the mid to late 60s.  Might be an Eegee doll.  It was a walker about 32-36" tall, with long blond hair and bangs.  Cricket Doll, about 2 feet tall.  Has tape recorder in back.
donnamyah23@yahoo.com15" Mary Hoyer doll from 1940s.  Long blonde human hair wig, parted in center.  Brown eyes.
tere@nycap.rr.comBlythe doll from the 60s.  Large head, thin body.  Eyes change colors when you pull string.
epepper@hcfsinc.comNew or like new Fisher Price My Baby Beth.  Preferably one still in the original box.
jeani45@webtv.netOriginal hat and belt, (or just the belt buckle), for the 1950s large size Ideal Smokey the Bear.  The buckle will say "Smokey" on it.  10" Julie Kruger doll from the pipsqueak collection 
justpat_t@msn.comJulia doll by Worlds of Wonder, Inc.  The doll will talk when you say "julia"
kellogger@yahoo.com1973 Remco "Mimi" doll.  She was about 20" tall.  Blonde, sings "I'd like to teach the world to sing" in different languages via little records inserted into her back.  Want complete functioning Mimi with records or might consider records separately.  Accessories for Playmate Jill talking doll.  Need tapes, books, etc.
duffydavis@cox.net1960s 32" Pollyana doll with traditional clothing: red/white checked dress with matching pantaloons and black shoes/boots.  1964 Blonde Scooba-doo Beatnik doll by Mattel
hippies62@yahoo.comGood to excellent Mattel Baby Love Light doll.  From the 70s.  Her eyes light up when you squeeze her hand.
kris.kelley@earthlink.net1994 Danbury Mint "Ian" doll.  He wears Scottish Highlander clothing and has a set of bagpipes.
nstgtr03@msn.comOriginal outfit, baby bottle, and any other accessories for Mattel's Bless You Baby Tender Love.  Also, Hush Little Baby Doll that has a cradle built in with the box, that rocks when she cries, and her head moves from side to side.  Send pictures.  Original outfit for 1967 Mattel Baby Small Walk
Danielle.Gantner-Cooper@us.astellas.comMattel's "Love 'n Touch" baby in yellow sleeper with drop drawers that reveals her bottom.  She is 12" Caucasian with brunette hair, blue painted eyes.
terrir@adelphia.net1966 27" Goody Two Shoes doll.  Brunette version, working or not, but in good condition and in original clothing.  No hair cuts.  Need cord that connections World of Wonders Mother Goose & Hector together.  Mattel Baby Heather doll from 1987
BEVERLY_COCHLIN@msn.comMattel Shrinking Violet talking doll from the late 60s.  Talking Beany Boy doll (preferably with propeller on beanie)  from the 50s TV show Beany & Cecil.  It was made by Mattel.  Has pullstring and says 10 phrases.
kawaiklub4@hotmail.comMattel 70s Baby Love Light doll in WORKING condition  TOPO GIGO Mouse from Ed Sullivan Show
rcatv@classicnet.netNot sure what kind of doll, but it must have a working mechanism inside to make it move or squirm
jaslow@comcast.netPattern of a bean bag clown that was a home sewing project in the 1940s and 50s.  It has beans in the legs, a pointy hat, embroidered face, and is usually about 8" tall.
LYNDZ8999@aol.comPlayskool Jammie Pies Doll dressed in white bunny suit.
makeba2@msn.com1960s Susie Smart Doll. She had a blackboard and would teach numbers.  Any books or tapes for WOW Talking Mother Goose, Need book for Shoemaker and Elves, and tapes for Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, & Hansel and Gretel.  Battery box for Tippy Tumbles doll
bells5r@qis.netGoldberger 14-16" musical doll in pink bunny suit sold in the JC Penney catalog in 1980-89.  Sleeping eyes with a music box in her back.
hippies62@yahoo.comBrand new or like new Mattel Baby Love Lights doll from the 1970s.  Soft cloth body with eyes that light up when her hand is squeezed.
diane@miamitwice.comDress pattern for a Brownie Scout uniform to fit an American Girl 18" doll
julia.danton@btinternet.comPenny Puppy Walker Doll
pjcharles777@sbcglobal.netOriginal outfit or reproduction of original, for the 9.5" Ideal Newborn Thumbelina (1968).  Also the Indian Princess 10" Sister or Toddler Thumbelina.  Also the Indian headband and rocking horse for Indian Princess.
DoReEgon@aol.com1964 "Honeymoon" doll made by Ideal.  14" soft vinyl head and limbs, cloth body, with white yarn hair and painted eyes. Must be complete with her plastic space helmet and her original blue/green striped dress and bloomers, and original boots.  Back of neck is marked 1965 - C.T. - N.Y.N.S. / IDEAL TOY CORP. / HM / 4-2-2H
pretty_vicky_00@yahoo.com1986 Hasbro Black "Kid Sister" doll  Mattel Shrinking Violet
loyoung60@yahoo.comAmerican Character "Terry Talks".  Battery operated 18" doll.  She can talk (she says 9 sentences).  Blonde hair, blue sleep eyes.  She had a red dress with white ruffles down the front.  White plastic shoes with white socks.
jschwick@earthlink.net1962 Ruthie Doll. Blonde hair in ponytail.  Doll from around 1986.  Believe it was made by Mattel, possibly called Baby Secrets.  When you squeezed its hand or pushed its belly, it would giggle and whisper little secrets like "I Love You"
smokymts@yellowbananas.comAny doll named Lisa or Mary and any dolls of nations
Erika.Wolfe@navy.milHasbro Jem and the Holograms/Misfits fashions from 1985, Sea Wees mermaid dolls, Darci Cover Girl Dolls & Fashions, and the Spring Suit MIB for Anastasia Dimitri Doll by Galoob
rcearnest@coosahs.netSanta Mouse like one sold at Dillards in 1988.  Must be in good shape.  Send picture with email.  Limbs for both a 22" and 24" Baby Crissy doll from Ideal.  Need both arms and legs, no bite/chew marks.
lady_arndt@hotmail.com1985 Tomy Mermaid doll also known as Sweet Sea doll
KLONG63119@aol.comCollectible Pfaltzgraff "Village" pattern Doll from about 10 years ago.  Original box not necessary.
bryantcarlene@sympatico.caNot sure of name but doll is from the 50s, very similar to Allied Eastern Amy.  About 24" tall, made of rubber (no joints on arms or legs), blonde, blue-eyed.  Arrow, Deluxe Reading, Deluxe Premium may have also had doll like this.  She wore a white nylon blouse, plaid taffeta skirt with shoulder straps.  Skirt mainly blue, with red & white small strips.  Shoes black w/white socks, and carried a small red plastic purse.  Original bought at Grant's Dept. Store in Calais, Maine."Be A Pal"  I Love Lucy doll from the Mattel series, still in Box. Need to complete my collection.  Also, two "50th Anniversary dolls also by Mattel."Lisa" - Big eyed International doll based on the artwork of Margaret Keane.  (Not the same dolls as Lonely Lisa)
alladream@dellcity.com1968 Mattel Dancerina Doll  Pink booties for Mattel's 1969 Baby Tender Love doll
kinney1009@cox.netVirginia Tech Littlest Cheerleader doll released last fall/winter.
lynnmehrabi@sbcglobal.net18" Patti Playpal (Pattite Patti) doll by Ideal. Auburn shoulder length hair, with a red checkered dress.  Made in 50s to 60s.  Wedding clothes for 1966 Elise Madame Alexander Wedding doll.  Red hair and blue eyes.
mrst94@sbcglobal.netNeed clothing for my Little Miss Revlon.  Really want the nurse outfit (#9256) or Sunday outfit (#9141) but would consider others
mflane@earthlink.netOriginal Deluxe Reading Suzy Smart store display
elz1966@comcast.netRemco Tippy Tumbles from 1969.  She had short red hair, blue tights and a striped shirt.  She had a battery pack and would do sommersaults.
sanders@myhome.netPJ Sparkles Bunny.  It is pink and white with glow in the dark stars on it, and floppy ears.
kfroeliger@lcvcpa.comHorsman doll, about 24", with extra joints at elbows & knees, Effanbee baby (about 19-20") with molded hair and joints at elbows & knees, American Character Teeny Toodles (10" to 11"), baby dolls that look like Alexander's Kathy Baby (10" to 11"), and Alexander big babies with extra joints at elbows & knees.
vhughes2000@yahoo.comAnything related to the Kenner Blythe doll. Complete or incomplete dolls, parts, clothing, accessories, etc. Price "Natalie" cloth doll from 1970s.
jeff@esaledotcom.comPair of legs for Ideal's Daddy's Girl, and a pair of legs for Sandy McCall companion doll. doll called "Chappy" by Alan Jay.  It is a boy squeaky doll with red boots and white nappy (diaper) and a raised fist.  Disgruntled expression.
MichelleFondren@hotmail.comYellow outfit for Mattel Love 'n Touch baby doll 
tcrivea@tcc.eduAfrican American Little Miss Fussy and African American Baby Catch a Ball by Deluxe Topper, Deluxe Toy Creations, Deluxe Premium Corp., Deluxe Reading, Deluxe or Topper Toys, & Topper. (they used several company names)
nannybarbara@pacinfo.com1958 Vogue sewing pattern for a child #2786.  It matches Vogue Ginny dress.   I have doll dress (outfit #1335) but am missing the hat.  Thought pattern may show the hat better than doll reference books.
rskirk@adelphia.netVogue 18" black Baby Dear.  Also Vogue Baby Dear One with two teeth, Bobby Dear and his sister.
Rebecca0137@hotmail.com1970s rag doll called the "Becky Doll."  She has reddish orange yarn hair, and a white dress with red stripes.  Painted on black buckle shoes.  Ideal Black Tressy.  Body limbs and lashes must be in good condition.  Hair unimportant.  Email photo.


gp1980@usol.com1960s Ideal Thumbelina doll with pull string in back.  If possible in original box.
DLac204@aol.comCricket doll with blonde hair, in good condition.  20" Madame Alexander Pussy Cat with dark brown hair and blue eyes.  1965 on back of neck.  Pink organdy dress and pink leather shoes trimmed with lace, ribbon in her hair.  Don't know style #.
WCouture@msn.com1962-63 Thumbelina Doll that was sold through Montgomery Ward catalogs and stores.  Doll collector books call her "Bouncing Baby Coos."  She has short blonde hair, and only coos and cries.  Her head does not move like Thumbelina.  Her patent number is YTT-19-L-5 on back of neck.  Originally dressed in red and white striped p.j.s and hat.  1940s Bi-Lo Baby in christening outfit.  This doll's eyes are closed.
Ubfunylokn@aol.com1964-70 Mary Poppins doll set with clothes made by Horsman.  Also Horsman's 1970 Peggy Pen Pal. Susie doll (brunette) from the mid-50s.  Nancy Nurse doll.  She talks and comes with a canopy bed.  Joan Palooka doll from the 50s
cindy.elder@netcare-il.comOriginal clothes for 14" Arranbee School Days Nancy Lee doll.   Consists of straw hat, organdy pinafore with ABC print, school slate, and socks.  (A pic of this outfit is in book:  Arranbee Dolls:  Dolls that Sell On Sight, by DeMiller & Brevik (pg. 93)
dolllady@cableone.netThe car seat that came with the 25" Ideal Bye Bye Baby. It has a tray and stands on wire legs (it is marked Ideal).  Also any other accessory items for this baby (bottle, clothes, etc.) 
tea_bag2003@hotmail.comComplete Brownie outfit for my 8" Ginny doll
SAVAGEAD@washjeff.eduNever used Mattel Magic Nursery Doll
jennytimpany@earthlink.netAny Playskool Jammie Pies dolls
tammie_shaw@sbcglobal.netBarbie by designer Byron Lars (especially Nne & Tatu) and other African American Special/Limited/Collector editions, never removed from box, box in good displayable condition.  Also African American Barbie Graduate class of 1988 & 1992, good condition  Ideal Toni P-94, blonde preferably, but other color hair acceptable.  Also original Toni clothing in good condition, especially for P-92 and P-93 dolls  Baby Spank Me doll from around late 1950s, early 60s  Danbury Mint I Dream of Jeannie Doll as well as the 1966 Libby I Dream of Jeannie doll  Desk and blackboard and any other accessories for the Suzy Smart doll (have the doll already)
barbk304412@yahoo.comBone to go into Ideal's Pebbles Flintstone doll's hair
radioflyer_cpj@earthlink.netBrunette Scooba Doo; talking beatnik doll made by Mattel in 1960s  20" 1966 I Dream of Jeannie doll in as close to mint as I can get
ODDLOT@OPTONLINE.NETLegs for 1960 Ideal Peter Play Pal  Littlechap Family by Remco and Little Miss No Name by Hasbro. Both from the 1960s
kcorneil@cox.netBradley doll that is a ballerina
ESchmersahl@mindspring.comGoldilocks outfit for my Mattel Baby Small Talk
gvarnon@swfla.rr.comAny Norman Rockwell character dolls
jwenum1@neo.rr.comShirley Temple ST-12 black shoes & white socks (original) from the 50s  1970s I Dream of Jeannie play set from Remco. (complete or pieces are fine)
karli_rae25@verizon.netA pattern to make mop top dolls out of mop heads
shannmichele@yahoo.com1960s Horsman Mary Poppins doll.  She wore purple dress with the umbrella and bag.  Prefer mint in box with all accessories.
runt1212@msn.com9" Newborn Thumbelina Doll by Ideal, from the 1960s.  Wearing a white top and pink bottoms. Prefer excellent to mint condition, MUST still work.  A Creole girl doll, sold a few years ago that we saw in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Don't remember shop's name.  Doll was very elaborate, around 2-3 feet tall.
apriltek@comteck.comWorlds of Wonder Mother Goose and all her books, tapes and accessories.  Any dolls with the same names as my children and grandchildren:  Brandy, A. J. (Alan), Ryan, and Kathyryne
skgreene@tusco.netGeppeddo doll named "Molly."  She has red hair, blue eyes, and rides a tricycle with a bear on the back. Whole doll, or just the head.
ksdock@evenlink.comLeft arm for 36" walking Patti Play Pal doll
the.nicholsons@verizon.netWorld of Wonder Toys:  Teddy Ruxpin, Grubby, Mother Goose, Hector, as well as any accessories
chocolatesoull@yahoo.comBlack version of Mattel Tippee Toes from 1980s in reasonable condition.  Would like all of her accessories if possible.
cricket900@comcast.netRose Portrait Doll by Franklin Mint with all of her accessories and trunk
susie_squillions@yahoo.com1921 Lenci Doll.  May be the one used to create the original "Edith the Lonely Doll" who starred in the popular children's book by Dare Wright in 1957.  Also looking for a reproduction kit for making an Edith doll.
sugar_momma21@hotmail.com1966 Deluxe Reading Baby Magic doll.  White dress with red bows and a pink magic wand.  1950s Susie Doll
dolllady@cableone.netInstructions for 1987 Mattel Baby Heather
jbweyel@satx.rr.comMattel Magic Nursery doll that has short curly strawberry hair,  and is wearing a white shirt with blue overalls.  On her left cheek is a pink heart.  Made between 1989-90.
Kwinnett@neo.rr.comMattel 1970s Jeans Beans doll.  Worn jeans jumpsuit outfit. Had red curly hair.  Katrina doll from 1960s.  She had long hair, foam rubber body with inside wires so she could be posed.  Around 12" tall.  Maker unknown.
esmullins@comcast.netA doll that came with a white gazebo and swing in the 1970s.  Came with tiny rosebud flowers that you could insert all around the gazebo.  The doll had blond hair.  1999 Vogue Ginny called Travel II.  She wears a camel color coat and hat."Millennium Miniature Collection" by Ashton Drake. comes with a white wooden display case.
rskirk@adelphia.netUneeda Bareskin Baby (mid-60s).  All vinyl, about 13" tall.  Head, arms, and legs move and he wiggles at the waist.  Can lay on stomach.  Molded hair and sleep eyes. Must be in very good to mint condition.  33" doll named "Jill" by Playmates Toys between 1986-1987.  She is a talking doll.
nellydude@yahoo.comIdeal "Pete the Pup", composition head, wooden, jointed body
BARNSTABLECOUNTY@aol.comBlack hair to the floor Crissy Doll by Ideal with original box, brush, paperwork, outfit, undies, and shoes
mlarkin8451@comcast.netCasper the Friendly Ghost pull-string talking doll
LXGONZAL@BankersInsurance.comMy Buddy doll
jessone@the-dahlia.comAny Blythe dolls
vickyolson@speedtrail.netMattel Talking Drowsy Doll that talks with an English accent from late 60s, early 70s
retracm67@yahoo.comMattel Talking Patter Pal Baseball Boy from 1969  RCA Radiotron Advertising Doll
phoenix99@tds.net14 inch, full bodied porcelain Fairy Doll (maker unknown).  She has red hair, and is wearing a light pinkish or white outfit. She has a bouquet and a circle of flowers with deeper pink flowers in it. 
lou@kidwaresoftware.comMattel 1975  "Nellie" Love Notes Doll (redhead)
ml@davidson-engineering.comBaby Grow a Tooth with her crib. From the 60s  1966 doll named Suzy (Susie, Suzie).  May have been made by Effanbee.  She came wearing a blue dress with white lace down the front, a blue bonnet, edged with white lace, two blonde braids, and white shoes and socks.
kathie10@optonline.netBlonde Hasbro Kid Sister doll
pansygalcalgary@yahoo.comSweet Dreams yellow or blue gingham rag dolls "Anna" or "Alfie" by Hasbro from 1973 or later.  They had hard noses and yarn hair. (no sure if names are correct)
yellowbutterfly333@juno.com1979 Baby Feels So Real by Mego
vaestwick@paypal.comBaby Nancy by Shindana Toy Company
lenl62@yahoo.comSusie Smart doll with desk from the 1960s.  The battery pack "purse" for Remco Tippy Tumbles doll.  Please put the word TIPPY in the subject line of email.
Zaleskis@aol.comMattel Shrinking Violet doll in gently used condition. Box not necessary;  and/or the color ad for the doll.
kanditcc@sciotowireless.netBaby Go Bye Bye doll made by Mattel in 1968.  With or without the car.
ndkthree@sbcglobal.netWoogie Doll.


stoneburg@dslextreme.comCricket and Corky Chatterbox.  I think it has cables.  Prefer one that works.  Resonable.  The leopard print outfit and yellow blanket with leopard trim for the Ideal Pebbles Flintstone doll of the 1960s.
loristewart@cox.net1967-ish Madame Alexander Pussy Cat doll, 18", with blond hair.  Also, 1984-ish Mattel Baby Beans doll in purple/lavender outfit.
jrwife1@centurytel.netCasper the Friendly Ghost talking doll
saccoccia@bellsouth.netDress and triangular diaper for Li'l Miss Fussy 1967.
hana@epix.net1960s Saucy Walker doll with red hair, about 32" high with red dress.  Blue (blueberry scented) Jelly Belly doll from the 80s
bobbiberta@tds.netRemco's Snugglebun Playball 6, featured in JC Penney's 1967 Christmas catalog.  She came with a playpen and a seat.  The pieces are interchangeable to make six different items, playpen, swing, rocker, stroller, high chair, and car seat.  Most interested in doll but would be interested in entire set.
enkeli002@yahoo.comBaby Alive doll with black hair, by Kenner
rsimcox@twcny.rr.com1975 version of Baby Alive that works and has at least the important accessories for playing.
karen42@adelphia.netBoy and Girl Gippeddo dolls dressed in 1950s attire.  Called "Johnny and Suzy Kissing".  Best if boy doll has sandy colored hair, girl to have black hair.
stutts3.0@netzero.netAshton Drakes reproduction of Vogues Baby Dear.  Also the original Vogue Baby Dear created by Eloise Wilkin
stutts3.0@netzero.netMoppet's Secret Doll House from the 80s with doll, house, and accessories, and skirt that covers the house.  O.K. condition  1968 Mattel Bye Bye Baby 
Whoozit@peoplepc.comPink shoes, and any accessories for the 1978 Worlds of Wonder "Julie" doll. Her outfit is red slacks and a pink sweater.  Toodles Baby Doll 50s, auburn hair, originally wearing a black velvet dress and bonnet.
janie325@hotmail.comFisher Price Mary #200, and Fisher Price Natalie #202
vshigdon@ctc.netDeluxe Reading "Suzie Smart" desk and blackboard/chalkboard, and 1964 Baby First Steps red skates  a Jelly Belly doll
aelkins@theestatesonlakegranbury.comPink "Jelly Belly" doll, near new with scent  Cricket Doll
TJSouthe@aol.comI Love Lucy porcelain baby doll from Franklin Mint, the Candy Factory episode
the.nicholsons@verizon.net1987 Mattel Baby Heather and accessories in ANY condition.  Also any paperwork that may have come with the doll, warrantee card, instructions, catalogs, etc.'s Lonely Lisa doll, made in early 1970s at the same time as Baby Posey.  She is around 17" tall with blonde hair and is poseable.  Ideal Mary Hartline doll in green.  Movable joints.  Not interested in the 8" doll.
fadz@bigpond.comBoth the Elise doll and the Matthew doll from Franklin Mint Coca-Cola Heirloom collection.
montoyara@hotmail.comBlue "Jelly Belly" doll from the 1980s
HLUBAS@TAMPABAY.RR.COMSweet Dreams "Annabelle" rag doll by Hasbro, from 1973
sheilaproctor@motorola.comSouthern Belle from early 70s.  Sold through dept. store catalog (perhaps Xmas 72, not sure).  She wears a tangerine colored velvet dress, hoop skirt, lace edged underslip and pantaloons.  She is Caucasian with brown hair, with one or two ringlets.  Could be a Furga or a fancy Bradley doll? Maybe called Vanessa but not sure.  Ashton Drake all porcelain doll called "Good as Gold" by TitusTomescu
jjmcveigh@yahoo.coma pair of pink and a pair of yellow shoes for Ginny dolls made in the 1950s (plastic with a strap  that crosses over and secures with a nub).  Also 2 pairs of white socks, and 2 pairs of panties, one pink and one yellow.
white1560@charter.net1999 doll named Madison which was a design fragrance promotion
clcastro@cyberg8t.comWalking doll from the 50s called Heddi Stroller.  Made by Belle Doll & Toy Co.  She wore a navy blue & white checked dress, red patent leather belt, black patent leather shoes and she had blond braids.
r.ferry@consultant.comMint condition 1970s Mattel Baby Come Back, and mint condition Baby Alive, late 70s early 80s.  Both must have their original boxes in good condition.
july_moon19@msn.comKayla from the Geppeddo Collector's Series of "Kathryn & Kayla".  She is dressed in a soft yellow infant dress with rose flower accents and little socks.

BACK TO HOME PAGE"Derek" from Derek and the Rockers dolls, reasonable price ($30-40)
derbin@peoplepc.comFisher Price "My Friend Nicky" doll, any condition
rmallard@cinci.rr.comMattel "Biffy" Beans
debra@xtn.netLarge Mary Poppins doll"I Love Lucy" baby doll from when Lucy was pregnant.  Not the Little Ricky, Jr. doll.  Mattel Shrinking Violet
jrmiller01@adelphia.netTopo Gigo doll from the Ed Sullivan show and Mattel Liddle Kiddles from 1960s/70s
tissy_no1@hotmail.comAny of the 1987 Julie world of wonder cartridges or books and also the little sailor dress  Nancy Ann Storybook nurse doll from 30s to 50s
wbulger3@comcast.netNancy Ann Style Show Doll complete.  Would prefer MIB but will consider all  Black Talking Jill doll by Playmates, from the 80s. Must be in working order.
pjk47@juno.comNear mint 36" Ideal Shirley Temple "Play Pal" doll from 1959
aredman@iquest.netBaby sweet dreams by Ideal NIB or excellent preferred
njohnson53@cox.netBlack My Buddy and Black Kid Sister dolls
jffessler@earthlink.net1950's blonde Toni doll in blue/white dress with red border
njohnson@sicumc.orgPurple "grape flavor" Jelly Belly doll from the 80s
lynneleec@comcast.netKiddle items:  Bernie Bunson - ladder & shoes
Sizzly Friddle - Hat, blue shoes and grill
Kampy Kiddle - fishing pole and her jeans
bignannerz@sbcglobal.netOriginal Horsman Mary Poppins doll, circa 1964.
ROSSE04@MSN.COMMegan Rose in vinyl
NDoepgen@comcast.netDoll from 60s or 70s that was as tall as a little girl and had blue hair.  No idea what her name is, even that would help in my hunt.
Bmxmama36@aol.comMattel Baby Love Lights (1970).  She is battery operated, has big blue eyes that light up when you squeeze her hands.  Blue p.j.s
lynnfields1@hotmail.comOriginal pink two-piece outfit for Ideal Baby Crissy (1972) and also her box.  If not the original outfit, then a pattern to make one.  Pa Ingalls by Joan Ibaralle
lorney32@yahoo.comBaby Shivers
MROTCP@aol.comMattel 1974 Baby Love Notes doll, blonde in pink outfit  Susie Smart desk and easel in good condition. Also looking for her beanie.
susieellen@hotmail.comIdeal Baby Dreams doll from the 70s.  She has soft body, velvety skin, and light blonde hair Kader Baby doll in very good condition.  The  25" size would be fantastic though any size is fine.  Prefer it has its eyelashes, tongue,  and teeth intact.
TEARAPY@aol.comPair of arms for 1981 reissue of Black Patti Play Pal. These arms are squeezable soft.  Really need right but will take both if in good condition
pleasantdreams@hotmail.comOriginal outfit for Ideal Giggles doll. Brightly colored knit striped top and shorts.
chris@spiderpaws.comIdeal Baby Dreams doll from the 70s, good condition preferred.
teach_the_world@yahoo.comOne red shoe for Mattel's Dorothy from Wizard of Oz series.
jjekot2@juno.comSindy white boots, baton, majorette hat and/or majorette outfit.
elainekb@msn.com1960s Casper the Friendly Ghost talking doll, made by Mattel.  
Blonde3581@cs.com18" porcelain "Megan" doll
Toni@blackhawke.netOriginal outfit for Ideal "Honeymoon" doll sold in 1965.  (She was the granddaughter of Dick Tracy in the comic strip.) Outfit is green stripe with metallic silver collar. It is the top, short pants, and booties.
tamhagg@hickorytech.netBaby Grace Ingalls doll from Ashton Drake
grrl_intrupted@yahoo.comIdeal Jelly Belly doll from the 80s, any color, any condition, any scent, any price  Cricket and Corky doll clothes and tapes in good condition  Good pair of Peter Play Pal arms  1959 Ideal Bonnie Play Pal (marked OEB-24-3) 
susan1922@comcast.netTyco Baby Feels So Real from 1979, in good condition.  Caucasian with blond hair.  These dolls had a gel like substance that makes her very soft and weighted (about 7 to 9 lbs).
tngallatin@comcast.netBlack felt picture hat for 17" Miss Coty from 50s
harriottknox@earthlink.netMoppet's Secret Dollhouse doll with outfits & house with accessories.  From the 1980s.  Gently played with o.k. but no stains or tears.
bermarpa@msn.com50s doll wearing red and white checked dress, white shoes & socks, dark braids, walker, with two teeth sticking out.
chomola@direcway.comMary Hartline baton (about 6" long), in good condition with both rubber tips still intact and the metal in "pretty" good condition.  Would even buy doll and parts if reasonable.
quadgram@cox.net17" Ricky, Jr. doll clothes, molded hair Baby Ricky Arms for my old Vogue Jill dolls, only has one
krwaalkes@yahoo.comPattern for Ruthie Toothie doll for the Kenner Crumpet doll
clkeller@colonialbk.comWOW Julie Doll clothes, accessories or books
suewright127@msn.comBarbie/Ken doll sized lawn mower. Not made of plastic canvass"Baby Talk Back" from around 1980s.  This doll mimics what you say, then erases it when you say something else.
ah9606@wayne.eduBlack PJ Sparkles doll. Has long black hair and lights up when heart button on chest is pressed.
trenus@satcom.whit.org32" Ideal "Saucy Walker" from 1959 or so.  Auburn hair.  Also torso for 24" baby doll marked 25-11 on neck.  And, dark blond curly haired Patty Play Pal or any of her family members.  None need to be mint, nor in original clothes,  but in reasonably good played with condition  Mattel Scooba Doo Beatnik talking doll made in 1964.  Either brunette or blonde.
imalilsweetangel@yahoo.com1999 "Summer Dream" bride doll by Ashton Drake  Mattel Baby Brother Tender Love in good condition with original clothes  Arms for Littlest Angel marked R & B from 1950s  Fisher Price Baby Soft Sounds or Susie Soft Sounds
annessabailey@hotmail.comAny Hasbro JEM dolls and/or outfits and accessories from 1985-86
richards@pghmail.comYolanda Bello and Ashton Drake's "Megan Rose" in vinyl
campariel77@yahoo.comAny dolls from Disney's Little Mermaid:  Ariel, Eric, Arista, etc.
medinstructor@verizon.net1990s Stars & Stripes Edition USN African American Ken Doll.  Must be MINT in BOX  P-94, 22 1/2" Ideal Toni doll, any hair color, with or without clothes but original would be nice
ASHenderson@lbl.govAfrican American Mattel Baby Love Notes doll, 1974  Mattel Love Notes "Bucky" cowboy dressed
cmsinc01@earthlink.netPeggy Pen Pal from 1970s, prefer good to mint condition, with or without box
nicolemcdonald@bellsouth.netPJ Sparkles pet bear (I think it is purple with glow in the dark stars)
gwright@InfoAve.Net15" Horsman Mary Poppins Doll made in 1964  Jelly Belly doll from the 1980s  Laura Ingalls porcelain doll from Little House on the Prairie by Ashton Drake Galleries.
darlamclean@cox.net28" Horsman Mary Poppins doll from 1966.  1959-60 Peter Play Pal by Ideal.  Reasonable,
hwickett@remc11.k12.mi.usAccessories for the Little House on the Prairie dolls
charhuff57@hotmail.comOriginal clothes for 20" Little Ricky, Jr. Toddler doll (not the baby) which consist of short pants, frilled collar shirt, & I believe a little bib that says "Ricky, Jr.", shoes and socks.
lackland@nmo.netNancy Ann Storybook doll called "Tuesday's Child".  She wears white and rose colored flocked dress, Headband matches dress trim. In excellent condition.
lyonsc_2000@yahoo.comBathtub, preferably with the cover, for Ideal's Tubsy doll
jeani@i2k.comTalking Cricket or Corky Doll by Playmates.  Must work."Anna" One of four of the Amish Inspirations collection.  Made around 1995.  She wears black and blue clothes, and she carries an old fashion looking lunch bucket.
kristi77@sbcglobal.netRemco "Baby Laugh A Lot" from the 60s or 70s. In good condition.
pleasantdreams@hotmail.comOriginal bones for hair of Pebbles Flintstone and BamBam's outfit.  Also need clubs to complete BamBams outfits, one large and one small for the 17" and 12" dolls.  Jelly Belly lemon scented doll, and Ted Doo Bear
bbjwhite@bellsouth.netGeppeddo doll named "Susie".  Blond with a blue and yellow sundress. About 20" tall.  Rainbow of Love collection, Baby Yellow Sunshine, made in 1994 by artist Yolanda Bello.  Part of the Ashton-Drake collection. Has on its neck, 427 OFA
rio0317@msn.comMattel Newborn Baby Tender Love in MINT  condition.  Will pay top dollar.
rosealily@fuse.netDoll clothing pattern for a 25" doll.  Any pattern o.k. but particularly a sailor outfit or something similar.  Fisher Price Bobby #245  1950's Disney Mouseketeer doll.  All rubber, squeak toy type. Kader Baby Doll.  Good condition, with eyelashes intact. Size not important.
princesa07181984@yahoo.comMattel 1984 Angel Bunny (white body, satin yellow wings, pink nose, and yellow halo around the ears).  Any condition.  Left arm for Ideal P-90 Toni doll from the 1950s

BACK TO HOME PAGE  1965 Mattel Baby Secret doll, in very good condition.
janie@accessatc.netSuzie Smart, complete with all accessory pieces  Mattel Baby Pattaburp, 8" blonde Betsy McCall in great condition, a Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent talking pull string hand puppet, blonde Mattel Midge doll,  Poor Pitiful Pearl. 
campbell1@montana.netArranbee "Littlest Angel" in complete nurse outfit, from 1950s
eford25126@charter.netShoes for Hamilton Collection doll "Jasmine" in good or mint condition.  1972 Baby Crissy from Ideal.  She was size of 9 month old.  Had red hair, with a long growing ponytail (pull string).  Want the early model, not the one released in 1980s.
mattandpattyhill@adelphia.net8", black plastic head and hands, with stuffed body of strawberry/floral print material. Bought from Toys R Us about 4-5 years ago.  Came bundled in a strawberry blossom & doll smelled like strawberries. Does anyone know the name, even?  The cord that plugs into Teddy Ruxpin and his caterpillar friend.
JCarver@mchsi.comGeppeddo "Emma" doll from the Collector's Series
mjm213@ij.net1960s Pebbles Flintstone Doll
hjacobs@westcoastcontrs.comGeppeddo "Dolls of the World".  I already have Ian, Gavin, Kelly, Frey, Hans, Miguel, Raulf, and William.  E-mail with what you have. 1975 TOMY Nina Ballerina
vicky_vazq@hotmail.comMattel "My Child" boy sailor outfit in blue, white, and red (any combination).  Prefer original by will accept a good detailed copy.  Deluxe Reading Baby Boo Doll.  Want nice doll in working (cries) and in good condition.  1999 doll named "Madison" which was a design fragrance promotion.
phyl2@btinternet.comMattel Talking Rosebud doll.  Says "My name is Rosebud, what's yours?"  Original clothing and skates for my 17-18" Sonja Henie doll.  Mattel Sweet Sounds Baby Tender Love, makes a loving sound when you squeeze her tummy.
bruckclift@hotmail.com8" doll from the 50s dressed as a Brownie and was ordered through the Girl Scouts of America  catalog.  It has a vinyl head with rooted short brown hair and a hard plastic body, blue/gray eyes.  Ginny? or Ginger?  Alberon Doll called "Beverly" from early 90s, in good condition.  An unopened Mattel Magic Nursery Doll from the 1980s.  Still in box, any hair or eye color.
whtygre@earthlink.netShoes for Fisher Price My Friend Dolls.  Good or mint condition."Bud" doll. This was Ideal Tammy's boyfriend from the 1960s.  Also looking for clothes and shoes for Tammy's brother, Pete.
magnumskitten@earthlink.netBeany and Cecil pull string talking dolls. Send Photo.
hay2041@micoks.netSweet Sounds Baby Tender Love, made by Mattel around 1974.  It coos, gurgles, shed tears, drinks & wets.
kat1927lynn@yahoo.comPlaymates Cricket Doll color catalog showing her many outfits.  Color "copy" of original is accepted
cbrown57@neo.rr.comKenner Jenny Jones doll with baby and furniture. Came out in the 1970s
sonbeam17@yahoo.comGeppeddo Fairy Tales Series dolls
janie-hobbit@sbcglobal.net14" Fisher Price lapsitter "Jenny", any condition
rnjrussell@charter.netTwo baby Thumbelina dolls by Ideal from the 60s. Working order.  Would like a blonde and a brunette.  Send photo.  One of the little cats that came with the Jammie Pies dolls, with the white face and yellow p.j.s.  It has a blue bottom, pink shirt and hood with yellow hearts on the pink part.  Patty Play Pal torso, regardless of condition, (scratches, marks stains, etc., o.k.)  P.B. Barbie (made in Japan), Mdvanii doll by Billy Boy, 1st Barbie with ponytail and pointed eyebrows  Small cotton American flag, size around 2" x 4"  Jammie Pies cloth doll in blue/aqua. Not the sailor.
dianamreiland@hotmail.comIdeal Jelly Belly dolls. Want the yellow one and the pink one.  MINT still in their boxes.  From mid-80s.  EEGEE pair "Georgie" and "Georgette".   Bright red hair with freckles."Barbara Lee" from 1949.  In house brand name for Stix, Baer, and Fuller Dept. Store, St. Louis, MO.  Doll was made by the Arranbee Doll Company
sxkoontz@chilitech.comFisher Price clothing patterns for outfits for My Baby Beth or Baby Soft Sounds  22" Betsy McCall doll made in late 50s or early 60s.  She had shoulder length brown hair, had movable joints, was wearing a blue dress with red bow at collar, white pinafore, black patent type shoes.  Large doll.  16" Mattel Patta-burp doll  Doll called "Carla" made in 1980s sold at Service Merchandise store.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, light blue dress that is floor length with lace trim.  Holds a parasol that matches the dress.
ARTHURMINER@MSN.COMLaura Ingles porcelain doll by Ashton Drake.  Need clothing or a photo of the original clothing for "Happy and Nappy" baby dolls.
sue@seekins.netBlonde braided Ginny (?) without bangs from around 1953-54  Peter Play Pal arms in good condition, no cracks or yellowing.  Stains from jacket o.k. Doll pattern, at least 30 years old, the dolls on the pattern are called Cry Baby, Red Head, Angel, Cherub, and Sleepy Head
dana.trigiani@sympatico.caAccessories (mainly clothing and tapes) for Playmates talking Cricket doll from 1980s
kansas@orc.caIdeal Thumbelina doll from 1975  Black hair to the floor Crissy by Ideal with original box, paperwork, brush, outfit, undies, and shoes. Reasonable price.
efcaraska@lanset.comMattel Shrinking Violet from the 1960s
Nancy.blankenship@fbcw.netFranklin Mint doll by Sarah Babin, believe the name is Sweet Susie or Suzie.  Had a sister called Pretty Pamela
K.dale@telus.netTearful Baby Tender Love by Mattel from 1971
ltomkins@houston.rr.comFran Mar Moppets "Little Fisher Boy"  Baby Magic's thimble, bottle, and bottle holder
the_best_17_00@hotmail.comAny Geppeddo Collectors Series Dolls
deb476@gra.midco.netAfrican American Mattel My Child Doll called "April"  Mattel Biffy Beans doll talking Cricket doll and Teddy Ruxpin (Canberra Australia)
mmullen@asheboro.comOutfit for Deluxe Reading Baby Boo.  She had red short pants, white dress with Peter Pan collar and red piping, small flowers on front, white booties with red trim and red pompoms.  
ciambotti1@msn.comSnugglebun doll made by Remco 1965  Playmates Black Corky or Black Jill in good working order or Mint.  Also, Cricket tapes: Cricket Goes to Australia, Cricket Visits the Zoo, Cricket Visits China, Cricket's Special Surprise
mayoelli@umich.eduChatterbox and tapes for Corky and Cricket dolls by Playmates.  Also, Ashton Drake's "Tuesday's Child" and "Sunday's Child" from the Days of the Week collection by Kathy Barry-Hippensteel from around 1994.  Any of the mini dolls from the Tyco Mini collection from early 1990s.  These dolls are about 1 1/2" tall and have long hair"Cricket's Playhouse" tape for my talking 1985 Playmates Cricket doll





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