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Worlds of Wonder
(an interactive talking doll)

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Somewhat "Chuckie" like, you start to believe this doll is actually real!!!
Worlds of Wonder, the creators of the popular talking bear named Teddy Ruxpin, were also the innovators with Julie, the first interactive talking doll in 1987.  Before I found this Julie, I had only vaguely heard about this doll. Unfortunately I found my Julie without clothing or book so had no idea what she was actually supposed to do.  It wasn't until I put fresh batteries in her that she "came alive" and immediately started talking up a storm!   Now that I have had the pleasure to "meet her" she has totally captivated my heart.  Julie actually talks to you using secret words.  She also recognizes your voice and responds to movement, light, and temperature. The dolls came with activity/sticker books, sold separately, that have electronic sensors in them for Julie to "read" by moving her finger over the magic spots.  There are also additional voice cards.  I dressed her in something suitable but not authentic except for her very own bear slippers that were sold  with a separate p.j. outfit that I have since learned  was hers.  She originally came in a pants and sweater similar to the picture on the book.  

When Julie talks to you she moves her mouth slightly.  Her eyes also move up and down, but my Julie's eyes don't move much so I don't know if they are working properly.  She knows when you take her into a darkened or bright room and will comment when you pick her up or tickle her.


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